Updates May 2021

Over the last few weeks, we have released a series of updates that contain some new features and resolve a few issues. These updates benefit customers using the Reservations, Admissions, Scheduler, Membership, Events and E-Commerce modules.

These updates have been managed by IBIS in the background and do not require any action at your end.


  • Improved! Increased stability and enhanced monitoring systems
    We have been doing a ton of work under the hood to improve the stability and performance of our E-Commerce site. This work has been helped by the introduction of more robust logging and analytics enabling our technicians to quickly detect any issues that occur on the site. These improvements will help us ensure you are delivering the best experience to your customers.
  • New! Deposit payments
    We can now accept a deposit as payment instead of the full amount for reservations on our E-Commerce site. Find out more in our article about how to take deposit payments for reservations.
  • Improved! More mobile-friendly way to purchase admission tickets
    Admission tickets are now purchased by + and – buttons, instead of unit dropdowns.
  • New! Afterpay
    We can now support Afterpay as a buy now pay later option on our E-Commerce site. Please contact Afterpay if you are interested in getting an account set up.
  • Improved! Itinerary emails
    We are happy to announce we can now offer itinerary emails as a default instead of a single reservation email to be sent once payment is complete for reservations. This means if a customer purchases multiple reservations in their cart, we can send a single itinerary email based on what they have booked, instead of a single email per booking. Please note this feature requires implementation, it does not automatically send an itinerary email so please contact us if you are interested in having this setup so we can work through this with you. Learn more in our Knowledgebase about confirmation emails for your bookings.


  • New! Reminder emails
    We can now send automated booking reminder emails that can be sent for upcoming reservations. Our reminder emails can be product-specific. Find out more in our Knowledgebase article about Sending reminder emails to your customers.  
  • Improved! Thank you emails
    We have made a number of improvements to the way you can send a follow-up “Thank-you” email for your Reservation products. You can now control the time and day you want to send thank-you emails, restrict sending emails to only specific products and you can even send different emails templates depending on brand. Find out more in our article on sending follow up thank you emails to your customers.
  • New! Branded receipt emails
    You can now send different receipt email templates for different brands when sales are made on your E-Commerce platform. These different receipt templates can also be sent manually from your POS screen. Find out more in our article about how to email receipts.


  • Improved! Point of sale discounts report
    We have added some new fields into the Point of sale Discounts report so you will now be able to see the Customer name, customer email and you can also view by online till only. In order to use these fields, you have to be capturing the customer details at Point of sale, so these work particularly well for customers who use our Membership module.
  • Improved! Reservation summary report 
    We have added the option summary string into the Reservation summary report. This will allow you to filter for options contained within a booking while still reporting on the overall value of the booking. E.g. if you want to see the overall value of reservations that contain “Child” options, or a “Kids go free” promotion.
  • Improved! Reservation summary report 
    We have also added the sale time field into the Reservation summary report. This will allow you to see what time of day the customers made bookings.
  • Improved! Reservation summary report 
    We have resolved an issue for customers selling both tickets and reservations in the same IBIS system. Tickets will now be excluded from all reservation reports and will only be visible on dedicated Ticket reports.
  • Improved! Check-in list report 
    We have added resource and product manager to the Check-in list report for Scheduler customers.
  • Improved! Sales reports
    We have resolved an issue with the Sales reports being case sensitive when grouping fields such as Till name.
  • Improved! Online sales report
    We have added a new field to the online sales report called “Brand”. For operators who have multiple branded websites, this will allow you to view transactions made through each of your E-Commerce websites. Learn more about the online sales report in our Knowledgebase.
  • Improved! Admission report
    We’ve added the email address and subscriber field to the Admissions report.
  • Improved! Scheduler Staff Allocation report
    We have improved the break time, sick/annual leave time reporting in the Scheduler Staff Allocation report. These will now report as a negative time so you can more accurately calculate the total hours worked by staff.
  • Improved! Sales report for Event ticketing
    For customers using our Events module, you can now group the Sales report by “Event” in list view. You will find the “Event” field in the hidden columns.

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