Get your staff up to speed fast and ensure your team are capitalising on IBIS potential throughout your business.

Our training options are designed to be flexible and easy to understand. Our trainers have worked in businesses like yours, they think like your team, speak your language and can relate to everyday tourism situations.

We can provide flexible and affordable training solutions for your company through the following channels.


Onsite Training

An IBIS trainer can visit your company to deliver on-site personal training to your staff. This is the recommended option for medium to large scale organisations. Depending on the number of available computers, we can work with each company to tailor a training package to fit your business requirements.

By having an IBIS trainer onsite, you are ensuring an expert is at hand to check over your specific system configuration and how it is implemented within your business.


Webinars & Remote training

If you are a smaller company or if an on-site visit is not possible, we can provide training over the internet using our remote desktop support tool, or for training many users remotely at the same time, organising a webinar tutorial. Remote training is also a perfect solution for companies who have been using IBIS for a while and are just looking for a refresher on certain areas of the software.


Training Videos

Videos of general IBIS functions are available for free when you login to our customer support website and view the Training area of the Knowledgebase. We can also work with you to develop specific training videos for your operation, tailoring them to your requirements so staff training is a breeze.



Our customer support centre is easily accessed via your IBIS software help menu. The knowledgebase is a regularly updated helpful tool when learning all of the features of IBIS or when you are stuck! Step-by-step fully illustrated instructions, an easy to use search facility and videos of common processes mean the user guide is a practical tool to learn how to use modules in IBIS.