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Why should I roll my account period and what do I do if I forget to roll my account period?

There are generally two scenarios for rolling the accounting period:

1. As soon as possible after a month has finished, invoices are generated for the month just ended.
Any journals or adjustments required are generated and then the period is rolled. This scenario is most common for operators.

2. After the 20th month payment run (when most invoices received from operators are due) the period is rolled. This scenario is most common for agents.

The aim is to roll the month at a time that results in the accounting period reports giving you a sensible 'set' of transactions.

Rolling the month also gives you an accurate aged balance report which is important in minimising your outstanding accounts.

If you miss rolling the month by a few days, then there is little impact. You may end up with some payments receipted into the wrong period, or some newly generated invoices in the wrong period.

If you miss rolling the period by longer, then you may end up with several 'sets' of accounting transactions in one period. If this happens, you will need to use the date-based accounting reports to see each month's transactions, rather than the period-based reports.

Our knowledgebase has more information so please get in touch if you need a hand.

What is IBIS Online?

IBIS Online is a cloud based platform that can be accessed via a web browser. This platform contains a whole heap of reports you will find useful, whatever your role!

It contains improved versions of some of your favourite application reports and lots of new ones too! These reports are easily customisable, so you get the data you need to see!

Our knowledgebase has an entire section on IBIS Online reports including how to customise views to help you manipulate the data. Visit this from your IBIS menu for specific information.

I don't seem to have access to the same features and capabilities as my colleagues. How can I access additional features?

Each IBIS user is assigned a user profile. Your profile has been determined by your IBIS administrator - not IBIS.

Administrators can be a manager or supervisor, and in some cases your council, RTO or company operations staff.

To gain additional access to IBIS product features, please speak to your admin team and ask them to contact us. The change is simple and it may make your work life a lot easier!

Keep up to date with our version updates on the Release Notes tab on the IBIS log-in screen or register for our email updates – see details here

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