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Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa is a multi-faceted tourism and local attraction.
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They believe the natural thermal waters provide therapeutic benefits. Their goal is to provide a high-quality destination and enhance the quality of the greater Hurunui District.

The history of their therapeutic waters date back hundreds of years and since its public ownership in 1970 it has grown from a simple bathing area to multi-million-dollar attraction that pulls in over half a million customers a year.

Hanmer Springs were struggling to manage their various business operations and growth. They not only ran the award-winning pools, but they also ran a visitor information centre and a rapidly growing day spa.

As a result, they couldn’t capitalise on opportunities to develop customer relationships. Basic customer details like customer’s address, telephone number and number of visits were not recorded. Also, bookings from the same customer were all treated entirely separately. If someone was buying two packages or more than one treatment, there was no link to show both bookings. They knew this system was inefficient and costing them money in person-hours.

They needed to boost efficiency and streamline the business. Specifically, Hanmer Springs needed a point-of-sale system, a reservation solution and a visitor information centre system tied together with a database management capability. Above all, they needed integration – all systems had to work as one.

The IBIS Business Management Platform allows Hanmer Springs to use simple, fast processes to free-up their time to focus on growing the business. Thanks to the integration of IBIS Technology’s flexible modules, Hanmer Springs can manage reservations, admissions, retail sales, café sales, spa scheduling, manage a membership program and an e-commerce shopping site.

Hanmer Springs
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Now Hanmer Springs uses IBIS Technology to gain insights from their data, uncover opportunities, and have more time to focus on their customers. As a result, operations are more efficient, and repeat business has increased.

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