The IBIS API is available for integrating online travel agents and FIT websites to operators using the IBIS system. Integration follows this process:

Step 1

You must have consent from the businesses using IBIS you wish to integrate with. They will define the level of access provided to you with respect to API integration.

Step 2

You must provide us with a document that defines the scope of your proposed solution, addressing the four main areas as follows:

    1. Enquiry for availability and committing of reservations
    2. Management of retail and gift voucher sales (if applicable)
    3. Settlement method
    4. Modification and cancellation of reservations

Step 3

You must agree to our terms of engagement that outline the conditions for using the API, responsibility for troubleshooting, financial liability, API upgrade policy etc.

Step 4

We proceed through the technical implementation:

    • We will provide a test system for you to connect to during development of the API
    • You will complete development as per your scoping document. We can provide assistance during this phase if required.
    • Once you are satisfied that your implementation is complete, you will submit to us details of a series of test bookings that have been completed so that we can check the integrity of the bookings in our test system, including cancelled booking if implementing that functionality.
    • We will then provide you with credentials for the live system(s) you wish to access.
    • You will complete a series of bookings and transactions into the live system for signoff both by us and the operator(s) of the system.
    • Live use can begin.