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With our range of core software and additional modules you can build a system that meets your unique business needs

IBIS Technology icons Reservations


One system gives you all the tools you need to create, edit, search and manage all of your reservations.

Product availability and trip scheduling in one central database from any channel: online, direct and agent. Instantly print professional tickets, operational manifests and booking reports. Integrated accounts management lets you find your agent information easily by storing all commission rates, contacts and billing details. Robust online reporting tools allow you to easily track sales, pax numbers and marketing information.


Reservation management is simple when you’re using IBIS Scheduler. The intuitive calendar is easy to navigate – colour coding identifies upcoming appointments and staff rosters at-a-glance.

Choose available time slots then select from a list of products to book – suggested appointment lengths ensure accuracy and drag-and-drop tools make rescheduling a breeze. Templates save you time organising your staff roster, or blocking out time periods for room cleaning. IBIS will keep track of all appointments made by a customer and any additional discounts they may be entitled to at time of payment.

  • Set up unlimited treatment rooms or therapists to book appointments for
  • Tabs to help you keep it all organised
  • Zoom functions let you expand your calendar down to 10 minute intervals
  • A drop down calendar lets you book future appointments quickly and you can snap back to today or tomorrows view instantly
  • Your operating hours can be specified so your calendar never displays available time when you are not open
  • Colour coded products and pin stripes help you identify reservations by product type and payment status
  • Manage staff scheduling or block out time for breaks and cleaning
  • Add notes to easily manage your operations which can be copied from one day to the next to keep your schedule running smoothly
  • When creating a new booking, IBIS always prompts you to find existing customer details and if none exist, enter new ones
  • Powerful customer management tools keep contact details handy, allow you to track customer spend and reward customers with loyalty programs offering special discounts at point of sale
IBIS Admissions


Sell tickets with a barcode or QR code that can be scanned at a front gate and reduce your staffing costs.

Reduce queues and process admissions faster for your venue including:

  • Validating admission at time of sale
  • Sell tickets on your website with our E-Commerce platform
  • Customise your entry ticket design
  • Set up multi-use tickets (e.g. 10-use pass)
  • Set up membership passes (e.g. yearly passes)
  • Online reports to track usage including time & location scanned and usage count
  • Create validation rules to manage where and when tickets can be redeemed – in person or through an unattended gate
  • Control your gate from the POS screen – open and close for processing large groups
IBIS Technology icons Ticketing


Designed specifically for information centres, booking agents and tour operators, our easy-to-learn system provides users with one central source of supplier information.

IBIS Technology Online Exchange

Each time a price changes or a new product is added, it’s instantly available to the rest of the team. No more folders, brochures or information locked away in people’s heads – with IBIS the knowledge is shared, allowing your team to be empowered with the latest sales information and tools.

Connect to operators via IBIS Online Exchange and get up-to-the-minute information on operators, products and price options; allowing you to make bookings in real-time without calling to check for space.

  • Intuitive ticketing that guides staff through the sales process
  • Instantly search for products by name, region, category or keyword
  • Look up tickets across any date range or filter for a specific operator or customer
  • Quickly re-open tickets for changes or select multiple tickets to process in a single Point of Sale transaction
  • Group tickets together in a customer file – perfect for managing email bookings. Chronological date/time ticket sorting makes planning itineraries a breeze
  • IBIS Online Exchange allows you to book IBIS Operators in real-time without leaving your Ticketing screen
  • Easily report on ticket sales and income using flexible reporting tools. Whether it’s daily cash reconciliation, marketing data or sales by operator – all information is at your finger tips

Add-on Modules

Our modular add-ons give businesses the flexibility to fashion the ideal solution for their needs. Start with the main applications such as Reservations, Scheduler and Ticketing, then select the add-on modules that complete your solution.

IBIS Technology icons ECommerce blue


Give your customers the convenience of shopping around the clock.

  • Sell reservations, gift vouchers, admission, events, membership and retail in one shopping cart
  • Online security lets you control how much
    information is shown online
  • Supports promotional discount codes
  • Dynamically re-sizes across smartphones and tablets
  • Branded confirmation emails sent when payments are completed
  • Optional notifications for online sales
  • Supports full payment, deposit, stored credit card, and booking fees
  • Integrated Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager

Adds on to Core Product:Reservations, Scheduler, Admission

Point of Sale

The integrated Point of Sale (POS) system makes taking payments seamless. Use as a standalone system or in conjunction with IBIS Ticketing, Scheduler or Reservations modules. A full reporting suite analyses sales by product group, till, location, salesperson and more.  

  • Supports touch screens, bar code scanners, cash drawers and thermal printers
  • Integrates with NZ’s top EFTPOS providers
  • Handles foreign exchange and charge-to-account 
  • PIN code prompts allow you to record staff sales
  • Password protect functions such as refunds and returns
  • Manage cafe sales with support for separate docket printers, buzzers and table numbers.

Adds on to Core Product:Reservations, Scheduler, Admission, Ticketing

IBIS Technology Accounts Module Invoice web med


Increase accuracy and save yourself valuable back-office processing time. Information fed into IBIS through other modules all ends up here, ready for you to generate invoices. 

Batch processing, extensive reporting and customised professionally presented invoices make the IBIS Accounts module a valuable asset to your business.

No more manually entering transactions into your accounting system. We have successful integrations with Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and other accounting software. Contact our team for details.

Adds on to Core Product:Reservations, Scheduler, Admission, Ticketing


Go paperless! Conveniently capture registration details from all participants. Gather marketing information, liability waiver signatures, ask health & safety questions and display T’s & C’s all direct from a tablet device on arrival.

All data is saved with the booking for later retrieval and used for operational requirements such as manifests. Marketing information ensures custom thank-you emails are sent to every participant encouraging them to promote your business.

Customise your check-in form with specific questions required for your business, operations, and health & safety needs. Drag & drop online reporting makes it easy to analyse customer demographics.

Adds on to product:Reservations, Scheduler

IBIS Technology Resource Planner module
IBIS Technology Icons Resource Planner blue

Resource Planner

For operators that need to manage more than just the availability of a departure, the Resource Planner module is designed just for you. Setup individual resources specific to your business (e.g. planes, boats, guides, vehicles) and allocate bookings specifically to them; then print designated manifests.

  • Drag and drop allocation of bookings to resources
  • Flexible setup of resources
  • Staff summary reporting to assist with payroll for drivers/pilots or guides

Adds on to Core Product:Reservations

IBIS Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Capture more revenue with IBIS Gift Voucher capability; giving you the tools to create, sell, redeem, track and report on your gift voucher sales with ease!

Customisable voucher configuration for print or email. Easy to sell and redeem vouchers over the counter or online through the IBIS E-Commerce platform.

Vouchers can be made for specific dollar amounts ($25, $50, $100, etc.) or make it easy for customers to gift your reservation products using our dynamic Gift Voucher feature. Customers simply go through the booking process then select the “Buy as gift voucher” option.


Adds on to Core Product:Reservations, Scheduler, Admission, Ticketing


Sell memberships online and allow your customers to log in to your website to book using their membership discounts. All customer emails stored in one place including their purchased memberships, personal details and bookings made. 

  • Sell memberships online
  • Customers can log in to renew memberships online
  • Capture members photos
  • Scan membership cards at front desk
  • Report with customer lists and transactions
  • Easy-to-use online reporting

Adds on to Core Product:Reservations

Flight Planner

Suitable for skydive and scenic flight operators, the Flight Planner module allows you to manage customers and staff on your flights. No need for manual calculations as the system will clearly state if the load is balanced or not. 

  • Roster staff
  • Schedule flights
  • Allocate customers to aircraft
  • Allocate skydive customers to tandem masters
  • Allocate staff to aircraft
  • Manages load balancing of the aircraft. Good to go when the CoG turns green!
  • Works in conjunction with check-in
  • Manage flight status
  • Extensive reporting for different uses including manifest & payroll

Adds on to Core Product:Reservations, Scheduler, Admission, Ticketing

IBIS Technology Reservations Analyser module image
IBIS Technology Reservations Analysis


Our powerful reporting tool allows you to compare your sales year on year to see what is really going on in your business. Who are your best customers? How much do they spend? Who are your best performing agents and how do they differ from this time last year?

  • Compare reservation sales over a yearly or monthly period
  • Report on percentage change between periods
  • Shows results based on your top performers
  • Analyse trends across market segments

Adds on to Core Product:Reservations

Itinerary Planner

Plan and manage customised itineraries, or use templates to manage your most popular tour packages. Drag-and-drop tools let you add reservations and helpful text clips to build a robust tour itinerary for your guests.

Each itinerary can be tailored and merged to a highly customisable Microsoft Word document  where you specify the style and content.

Adds on to Core Product:Reservations, Scheduler, Ticketing

IBIS Technology Itinerary Planner module image

Stock Control

Powerful inventory management that works seamlessly with IBIS Point of Sale. Track stock movements from the time it’s ordered until it’s sold. Simple, straightforward processes allow you to manage purchases, credits, adjustments and transfers with ease. Whether you operate a single retail outlet or multiple locations, IBIS Stock offers you complete control.

  • Create purchase orders
  • See stock balances 
  • Quickly find items for re-ordering
  • Track all stock movements 
  • Set min values so you never under order
  • Transfer stock across multiple retail locations
  • Print stock take reports
  • Correct stock levels as required
  • Automatically generate barcode labels

Adds on to Core Product:Reservations, Scheduler, Admission, Ticketing

IBIS Technology icons Event Ticketing blue


Avoid paying fees to the big event ticket vendors. IBIS Events gives you the control to offer tickets for internal or external events that can be sold over the counter through IBIS Point of Sale and online via the IBIS E-Commerce Platform on your website.

  • Email tickets to customers
  • Print tickets for customers
  • Set up a custom ticket design
  • Assign event capacity so you don’t overbook
  • Easy to add descriptions and images online
  • Use a tablet for check-in to events with ticket validation on entry
  • Check-in can be used with bar code scanners or QR codes on phones
  • Use IBIS Online reporting to see what’s been sold, who your customers are, where they bought a ticket and get a list of contact email addresses

Adds on to Core Product:Reservations, Scheduler, Admission, Ticketing

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