Online Reservations

The IBIS E-Commerce platform let’s you sell retail, reservations, gift vouchers, events, or admission from a single shopping cart on your website! Simple for your customers to use with several integration options available, this is the ideal solution for a complete online business solution. With IBIS, your customers can book online, any time and anywhere. It’s so convenient for them and at the same time delivers you efficiency gains in your call centre. Real-time online reservations are your opportunity to use technology to do your work  for you while still allowing you to stay in control by specifying what you want online, when.


Key Features

  • Integrates with your IBIS reservation system
  • Agents and FIT customers can book 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Capture committed sales instantly from your website
  • Reduce costs associated with freephone numbers and call centres
  • Gain competitive advantage when you make it easy for agents to book your products
  • Manage bookings remotely from your mobile smartphone


Online Reservation Channels

Free Independent Travellers (FIT) using a web page (B2C website)

Your customers can book from your website via a ‘Book Now’ button which links to your branded IBIS online booking website. Bookings can be paid for by credit card and the money is transferred direct to your bank account through a secure payment page. For you, reservations arrive fully paid into the system with no phone calls or hassle.

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Agents using IBIS Vouchering Systems

The IBIS ticketing system is used at many i-SITEs and information centres throughout New Zealand.  Where an operator is also using IBIS, the two systems can ‘talk’ to each other online – an agent can request availability information, select a departure and make a booking. It is integrated within their ticketing system so is quick, easy and efficient – no double entry is required from one system to another. In addition, no phone call is required, which means they can deliver excellent service to the customer.

Agent Login via your IBIS Booking Website (B2B site)

Agent Login has been designed for smaller agents such as backpackers or hotels to make reservations direct to IBIS operators via their Online Booking website. All the agent needs is a computer with an internet connection, plus a user name and password provided by the IBIS Operator.

 Online Bookings

Direct Reservations through a Smartphone

Having your reservation system online in real time to agents and other customers means that you can get bookings any time of day or night. This also means that if you and your staff are making bookings, you need the latest availability information. This doesn’t mean you need to be tied to your computer, but it does mean you can’t rely on your paper diary to keep you up to date. Access your reservation system from anywhere with your smartphone. Wherever you have cellphone coverage, you can make or edit bookings and manage availability, all from a device that fits in your pocket.