IBIS welcomes our newest recruit

New staff member – Recent graduate Luke Da Via
GForce Queenstown web med

IBIS Technology’s newest recruit Luke Da Via has joined fresh from Victoria University in Wellington.

Having recently graduated with a Computer Science degree majoring in Software Engineering, Luke has worked in various software companies for the past 5 years. The lure of Queenstown’s mountains and scenery led him to seeking out software companies in the Southern resort after graduating.

Luke brings fresh young skills to the development team of IBIS and we’re excited what the future holds. With the aim of modernising the platform and moving towards a more cloud-based system, Luke will be key in implementing these new screens.

Based in the heart of NZ’s booming tourism industry, the IBIS staff enjoy the local mountains in all seasons and Luke will be no different. While learning to paraglide is the main reason for falling in love with Queenstown, he’s also excited about the adventure tourism, hiking, mountain biking and skiing on offer.

Luke’s interest in software development started as young as 13 years old when he started building websites and it later took him to the USA to work as a software engineer. Luke says “It’s so quick to build something useful, unlike physical buildings! So it’s an easy way to help people and make a difference quickly.”

Sounds like he’s going to fit right in…

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