Online Booking Website

Online Booking Website

Real-time online reservations are your opportunity to use technology to work around-the-clock for you.  You stay in control by specifying exactly what products, pricing, and times you want shown online – and your customers have the convenience of making confirmed bookings anytime that suits.

Online reservations arrive into your IBIS system fully paid and money is transferred directly to your bank account through our secure payment provider. Reservations made online are easily identifiable in your system so you can check all details, or report on your online sales.

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Key Features

  • Bookings can be made online 24 hours a day
  • Online security tools used throughout IBIS let you control how much information is shown online
  • Shopping basket function allows customers to book and pay for several products in a single transaction
  • Supports online promotion discount codes
  • Can be configured to support multiple languages
  • Website dynamically re-sizes across smartphones and tablets
  • Confirmation email and/or SMS sent to customers when successful payment is completed online
  • Optional notification email sent to you when a booking is made online
  • Ecommerce tracking through your Google Analytics (or can be configured for Google Tags)