Release Notes: 12 June 2024

Fixed! We crushed a bug for customers using hire product types. Price options will no longer be duplicated in the cart when using the back button on your browser to return to the option selection page.

Fixed! For Appointment customers; therapists & resources set to internal only will no longer be bookable online. 

Improved! Online Product Group setup is now accessed via the IBIS application in a new screen. Products are ordered by Reporting Group 1 (Operator Products screen) and sorted alphabetically making selection easier. 

Fixed!  Free memberships will now receive registration emails as expected.

Fixed!  We will no longer create a membership when a POS transaction has been voided.

Fixed! Commission for single business unit users can once again be updated in the Accounts screen as normal.

Multi-business unit users will continue to set the commission levels for each business in the Business Unit Accounts screen. 

Release Notes: 31 May 2024

 Improved! For customers using the Gift voucher liability (new) report, the ‘Purchaser’ fields have now been brought in as a field as per the legacy report.

Improved! The phone field is now mapping correctly when bookings are coming through the Rezdy API.

Improved! Now, when using the ‘select until’ date in the Manage Invoices screen, all POS transactions made after the selected date will be filtered out of the screen. Previously, only bookings with a travel date beyond the selected date were filtered, resulting in all POS transactions not invoiced to be displayed regardless of their creation date.

Fixed! We have resolved an issue with modifying a check-in caption business unit setting impacting the E-Commerce website.

Improved! We’ve made the following improvements to the scheduled reports sending:

    • Pivot table reports can now be emailed.
    • Filenames are saved with the extension included.
    • PDF & Landscape reports are now an option.
    • PDF now includes header information like online reports.
    • PDF formatting has been improved and are now the same as online reports.
    • Sending one email with multiple recipients rather than multiple emails.

New! Added a gift voucher data streamed event

Changed! We have hidden the pax field by default on the Ticket Reconciliation report. Use the right-click function to show hidden fields to bring this into your report view.

Release Notes: 9 May 2024

Improved! Pilot online report now as Tare weight included.

Improved! Online Pilot Manifest now shows the date of each flight in the manifest view.

Fixed!  Dynamic gift vouchers pulling correct value in to cart.

Fixed! For Scheduler Hire customers, we have resolved an issue applying promotions to multiple bookings.

Improved!  We now prevent bookings from being posted to invoice on an account with a direct sale type in the new Itinerary screen.

If you were posting to invoice on direct sale type accounts for a
specific reason, such as to record a complimentary booking, then please set up a new account for this purpose with the sale type configured as “Agent All”.

Improved! We’ve re-implemented the Places Per Unit (PPU) pax reporting on the Ticket reconciliation report for agents.

If you want to use pax reporting, you will need to configure the products in your ticketing database with the correct places per unit (ppu) for each pricing option. See our Knowledgebase for further information.


18th April 2024 Release Notes

Fixed! Cancellations through an API partner are now subject to cutoff times as specified in the product setup.

Fixed!  Purchase invoice integration message for Business Central no longer passes a null date.

Fixed!  A bug has been fixed that caused POS transactions to sporadically fail and leave the sale in adding items or adding payment status. 

Improved!  The retail item import template has been updated  to include the tracking code field.  Tracking codes can be imported into the system when a new items is uploaded. Learn more about importing retail items into IBIS here.

Improved!  The ‘identifier’ field is now available in the Check-in manifest report. This allows customers who want to scan RFID bands against a customer, or enter another kind of unique reference against the customer, to display those details on a check-in report. 

New! All reports now have a limit on the number of days available in one report. This has been set at 365 days. This is to improve system performance.

Fixed and Improved!  The layout of saved reports will not change when a new field is added by IBIS. 

Fixed!   You can now use pre-filters by time on a time only column.

Hotfix version 23.15.00

Expand the section to learn what's changed

New! Improved marketing data capture from the Itinerary and Departure check-in screens.

The country of origin field can be displayed on the check-in tab on the Departure screen (hidden by default) so it’s more visible to your frontline team if this is not filled out.

Departure screen can now be configured to show the country field for bookings

Improved! Editing a booking that contains pricing that is different to the current price of the product will now behave as follows:

    1. Show a warning that pricing has changed, but pricing will not update automatically.
    2. The price field will be editable on that reservation only so the user can update the rates if needed.

Fixed! You can now move bookings from one itinerary to another.

Fixed! We now launch the Itinerary screen from the Check-in screen when a Booking Id is clicked if your system has been configured to use Itinerary.

What is the new Itinerary screen? This is our new booking screen currently used by select activity and spa operators. Learn more about this new screen in our Knowledgebase

Improved! We display an additional prompt to get users to enter the country information if this has been set to prompt before save/payment in System settings. This will popup from the Check-in tab on the Departure screen and the field will also show as required from the Itinerary screen.

Fixed! We have restored the Tour code with pin prompt function for POS transactions.


Fixed! We have resolved an issue with the note function in Point of sale not displaying the note.

Fixed!  We squashed a bug which was preventing  Online Exchange from working in previous version 23.0.0 hotfixes. Agents using Ticketing can now update from version 23.0.0 to the latest hotfix to book IBIS operators online.

Learn how to keep your IBIS system up to date in our Knowledgebase.

April 2024 Release Notes

Fixed! We resolved an issue booking appointment packages for 2 or more people if the available appointments did not have enough space for all people at the same time.

Now, if the package is configured to find valid appointments within a specific span of time, it will select the first and subsequent available appointment times within the valid time span to accommodate all people within the booking. E.g. the first customer may be on an appointment starting at 9 am, and the second customer would be booked at 9:15 am, because both appointment times are valid for that package.

Fixed! “Too many people for the resource” error online has been fixed.

New! IBIS integration with Rezdy Channel Manager is complete. Please join us on our launch event to learn more!

Improved! When an API Partner amends booking details or cancels a booking these will now be recorded in the booking history in the IBIS application. 

New! There is a new E-Commerce System Setting (IBIS Online) to hide your E-Commerce website from displaying in search engines results. It will be hidden by default.

Improved!  Invoices and invoice exports are now ordered by product date.

Fixed!  If a Retail item is discountable, it is now displayed as ‘Discountable: True ‘ in the Item Lookup screen. If the item is not discountable it displays as ‘Discountable: False’ 

New!  A new “Last Signed” field has been added on the check in screen and Customer screen. This field is to see when customers last signed your waiver. 

New! The Check-in lead time report can be used to analyse time frames customers are checking-in before the product date, helping the business refine communication strategies such as optimum time to send a reminder email.

Please let IBIS  support know if you would like access to this Check-in Report.

Improved! The Check-in by resource and Check-in Manifest reports now have your check-in custom questions as reportable fields. Helping you to build a versatile manifest including customer important information.

Improved!  The Promotions on Reservations report has been improved to only show the products that a promotion was actually applied on.

New!  “Business Unit – Operator field” has been added to our Reservation Summary, Reservation option analysis and Reservation lead time reports. This field displays the Business unit associated with the operators

In addition, the “operator” field is available for these reports as well. For those companies who have multiple operators associated with products under the same Business unit, this will be a helpful way to group your products without having to have a specific product group allocated for this purpose.

March 2024 Release Notes

Fixed! Products where the Product Managers are set to internal will no longer show as available on E-Commerce website.

Fixed! Online booking notes pulling through to the Itinerary screen for hire/appointment products.

Improved!  The new/changed booking notification email now include phone numbers and email address for hire/appointment products.

Fixed! We have fixed a bug where an extra discount line showed when  an promotion was used for Hire.

Fixed! We fixed a bug where if you changed the time of a hire booking by dragging it in the Hire or Appointment screen, and then edited it in the Itinerary screen, it was reverting back to the original time. 

Improved! Appointments with no availability now state ‘Fully Booked’ rather than showing a blank space on the E-Commerce website.

Fixed! We fixed an issue where promotions applied online were going to the wrong component and thus the incorrect GL code for some customers. They now behave as expected – the promotion is applied pro-rata per component which has pricing on it with price options that are valid for the promotion.

New!  We’ve brought back the option for customers to receive a postal gift voucher if desired. We will not have this option enabled by default however, but if you want to offer this service, it’s possible to set up.

New!  We can now display unique waivers, medical condition lists and manage other check-in caption settings per Business unit. This is useful for customers running more than one company within the same IBIS system.

Improved! We’ve changed the online ‘add’ button caption in the Online Check-in screen to say ‘form’. This was to make it more generic for customers using Appointments to check in for their treatment.

New!  We can now display up to 5 custom questions on the check-in reports.
Currently, this feature is available on the Check-in list and Check-in
by Resource reports. We will soon be adding this feature to the Check-in

Improved! Only transactions with discounts will show in the point of sale discounts report.

Improved! The Booking ID field has now been added to the Booking List report  report in table view.

January 2024 Release Notes

Improved! We have removed the ability for customers to enter non-Unicode characters (emojis) in online text fields. 

Improved! Changed the wording displayed when a gift voucher value is higher than the cart value to make it clearer to customers.

Fixed! The ‘Online Name’ for a package is now displaying on ecommerce.

New! We have added the booking balance field to the Proforma invoice email template

Improved! Improved! SAP Export, ticketing creditors now split to booking creditors and being grouped accordingly and removed duplication

Fixed!  MYOB invoice export – replace carriage return with a space

New! The Export Invoice batch function in IBIS Online will now include buyer created invoices if using the Xero export format.

Fixed! We squashed a bug when generating buyer created tax invoice for ticketing which was recording incorrect credit value. This bug only effected those using the newest Manage Invoices screen.

Improved! Creating Packages now requires a unique package code.

Improved! Improved error when opening a booking with an inactive product.

Fixed! If the Departures > Search tab is grouped by Departure, the number of available spaces on the departure is displayed.

Improved! We’ve increased the maximum allowed characters for the Pickup location name field from 50 to 100 characters.

Improved! Only transactions with discounts will now show in the point of sale discounts report

Improved!   You can no longer add a gift voucher with $0 balance to POS.

Fixed!  We squashed a bug which was preventing  new locations being added in the Locations screen.

2023 Q4 Feature roundup

Improved! The search results returned on the Customers screen has been increased to fifty records (previously capped at 20).

Improved! We’ve added the booking number to the table view on the Option Analysis report.

Improved! The new Availability screen used by Itinerary screen customers will now only display a transport availability component in brackets if the products contain a transport component. 

Improved! We have added new settings to send Reminder emails for reservations made last minute (i.e. so after the normal reminder send time has passed). We’ve also included new settings on the Accounts screen to control which accounts receive reminder and/or thank you emails. See our knowledgebase article on how to set these up here.

Improved! We’ve increased the max characters for SMS messages to 612 characters (to match the maximum allowed by Burst SMS.)

New! For booking confirmation emails, we can now display first user as an optional merge field. This can be used to identify the specific booking agent’s name for Agent Portal users.

New! We’ve added a new setting to the Itinerary screen (right-click the refresh button to see the optional settings). If “return to today” is ticked, when you click Refresh it will automatically return to the current date.

Fixed!  An issue making retail items and users inactive has been resolved.

Fixed!  The attention required flag for E-commerce booking was no longer getting set so this has been resolved.

Improved! The Manage debtors screen has been updated and renamed the Manage Invoices screen.  You can now use the new screen to generate creditor invoice batches. The new Manage invoices screen is available to customers using the Trial balance invoicing functions.  

Improved! Invoices generated for retail items sales charged to account will now display each item as a separate description line to make it more clear what the invoice is for.

Fixed!  We resolved an issue that impacted invoices generated using the Manage invoices screen that were missing the reservation price option summary on the invoice detail. 

New! The Export Invoice batch function in IBIS Online will now include buyer created invoices if using the Xero export format.

New! We have introduced some new transaction types to the Trail balance report for Ticketing customers.

      • The “Ticketing creditor” transaction type has now been split out into 2 different transaction types called “Ticket debtor” and “Ticket creditor”. 
      • “Ticket referral debtor” transaction type is new and is used for referral ticket sales.
      • We renamed “tax” to show “Commission tax” for the ticketing commission.

New! The Invoice List Report now includes a new column so you can group/filter by Business unit.

Improved! When a check-in alert is removed from the Customer question screen, the alert will also be removed from any customers that were originally flagged with this alert.

Fixed! We have repaired a feature so that Gift voucher item name now shows in POS screen upon redemption. IBIS version 22.12.3 or above is required.

Fixed! Multiple membership sales process and populate in the Customer screen correctly.

New! Our new Agent Portal is now available for customers running the latest version of E-commerce. Not sure if you are running a version of E-Commerce which can support this? Please reach our to our support team to confirm.

Language Translations on E-Commerce

Why use translations?

In today’s interconnected world, breaking language barriers is essential for reaching a global audience. Recent studies have found that 75% of consumers said they would be more likely to from a website if the information was presented in their native language and a quarter of people said they would be willing to pay more for those same products!

These statistics really leave no doubt that translating your IBIS e-Commerce pages into the languages of your target markets can make your website substantially more appealing and trustworthy to potential customers, and lead to an increase in conversions.

What are the options?

The best news is, the level of integration to suit your budget and market penetration needs, IBIS have two great translation options.

Weglot – The most customisable option

Weglot offers you freedom, its smart platform means you’re not limited to machine translations. When you sign up, you can fine-tune your content, ensuring it’s not only accurate but also reads naturally. That’s why Weglot is our preferred partner for website translation.

Using Weglot allows your customers in Mainland China to access your translated content and purchase your products with ease helping you access an important growing market.

Weglot’s smart interface will automatically translate IBIS widgets and iframes from your parent frame providing a seamless translated website experience.

Because it’s such a flexible and superior tool, we also offer Weglot translation for your IBIS online check-in website. The information contained in your waivers requires a level of accuracy that can only be entrusted to a service that allows you to control the content.

Click the image below to begin your journey with Weglot today.

Google Translate: The free option for a quick translation

If you’re searching for a cost-effective solution, then Google Translate is a free tool which allows your website visitors to choose from hundreds of languages.

While Google Translate offers tremendous reach, it comes with certain limitations, for instance you won’t have the flexibility to customise the language dropdown or fine-tune any of the translations. Google Translate only works on one frame at a time, therefore iframe and widget users would have to translate these frames separately.

Google Translate gives you the power to communicate your brand story and e-Commerce pages at the click of a button empowering you to reach further for less!

Lets find the right solution for you.


  • Translation Refinement
  • Auto-Translates from parent frame
  • IBIS Online Check-in
  • SEO Optimization
  • Available in Mainland China
  • Implementation costs apply

Google Translate

  • Free online translations
  • 133 Languages
  • Implementation costs apply

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

Learn how about IBIS translated e-Commerce with our handy knowledgebase.