January 2024 Release Notes

Improved! We have removed the ability for customers to enter non-Unicode characters (emojis) in online text fields. 

Improved! Changed the wording displayed when a gift voucher value is higher than the cart value to make it clearer to customers.

Fixed! The ‘Online Name’ for a package is now displaying on ecommerce.

New! We have added the booking balance field to the Proforma invoice email template

Improved! Improved! SAP Export, ticketing creditors now split to booking creditors and being grouped accordingly and removed duplication

Fixed!  MYOB invoice export – replace carriage return with a space

New! The Export Invoice batch function in IBIS Online will now include buyer created invoices if using the Xero export format.

Fixed! We squashed a bug when generating buyer created tax invoice for ticketing which was recording incorrect credit value. This bug only effected those using the newest Manage Invoices screen.

Improved! Creating Packages now requires a unique package code.

Improved! Improved error when opening a booking with an inactive product.

Fixed! If the Departures > Search tab is grouped by Departure, the number of available spaces on the departure is displayed.

Improved! We’ve increased the maximum allowed characters for the Pickup location name field from 50 to 100 characters.

Improved! Only transactions with discounts will now show in the point of sale discounts report

Improved!   You can no longer add a gift voucher with $0 balance to POS.

Fixed!  We squashed a bug which was preventing  new locations being added in the Locations screen.

2023 Q4 Feature roundup

Improved! The search results returned on the Customers screen has been increased to fifty records (previously capped at 20).

Improved! We’ve added the booking number to the table view on the Option Analysis report.

Improved! The new Availability screen used by Itinerary screen customers will now only display a transport availability component in brackets if the products contain a transport component. 

Improved! We have added new settings to send Reminder emails for reservations made last minute (i.e. so after the normal reminder send time has passed). We’ve also included new settings on the Accounts screen to control which accounts receive reminder and/or thank you emails. See our knowledgebase article on how to set these up here.

Improved! We’ve increased the max characters for SMS messages to 612 characters (to match the maximum allowed by Burst SMS.)

New! For booking confirmation emails, we can now display first user as an optional merge field. This can be used to identify the specific booking agent’s name for Agent Portal users.

New! We’ve added a new setting to the Itinerary screen (right-click the refresh button to see the optional settings). If “return to today” is ticked, when you click Refresh it will automatically return to the current date.

Fixed!  An issue making retail items and users inactive has been resolved.

Fixed!  The attention required flag for E-commerce booking was no longer getting set so this has been resolved.

Improved! The Manage debtors screen has been updated and renamed the Manage Invoices screen.  You can now use the new screen to generate creditor invoice batches. The new Manage invoices screen is available to customers using the Trial balance invoicing functions.  

Improved! Invoices generated for retail items sales charged to account will now display each item as a separate description line to make it more clear what the invoice is for.

Fixed!  We resolved an issue that impacted invoices generated using the Manage invoices screen that were missing the reservation price option summary on the invoice detail. 

New! The Export Invoice batch function in IBIS Online will now include buyer created invoices if using the Xero export format.

New! We have introduced some new transaction types to the Trail balance report for Ticketing customers.

      • The “Ticketing creditor” transaction type has now been split out into 2 different transaction types called “Ticket debtor” and “Ticket creditor”. 
      • “Ticket referral debtor” transaction type is new and is used for referral ticket sales.
      • We renamed “tax” to show “Commission tax” for the ticketing commission.

New! The Invoice List Report now includes a new column so you can group/filter by Business unit.

Improved! When a check-in alert is removed from the Customer question screen, the alert will also be removed from any customers that were originally flagged with this alert.

Fixed! We have repaired a feature so that Gift voucher item name now shows in POS screen upon redemption. IBIS version 22.12.3 or above is required.

Fixed! Multiple membership sales process and populate in the Customer screen correctly.

New! Our new Agent Portal is now available for customers running the latest version of E-commerce. Not sure if you are running a version of E-Commerce which can support this? Please reach our to our support team to confirm.

Language Translations on E-Commerce

Why use translations?

In today’s interconnected world, breaking language barriers is essential for reaching a global audience. Recent studies have found that 75% of consumers said they would be more likely to from a website if the information was presented in their native language and a quarter of people said they would be willing to pay more for those same products!

These statistics really leave no doubt that translating your IBIS e-Commerce pages into the languages of your target markets can make your website substantially more appealing and trustworthy to potential customers, and lead to an increase in conversions.

What are the options?

The best news is, the level of integration to suit your budget and market penetration needs, IBIS have two great translation options.

Weglot – The most customisable option

Weglot offers you freedom, its smart platform means you’re not limited to machine translations. When you sign up, you can fine-tune your content, ensuring it’s not only accurate but also reads naturally. That’s why Weglot is our preferred partner for website translation.

Using Weglot allows your customers in Mainland China to access your translated content and purchase your products with ease helping you access an important growing market.

Weglot’s smart interface will automatically translate IBIS widgets and iframes from your parent frame providing a seamless translated website experience.

Because it’s such a flexible and superior tool, we also offer Weglot translation for your IBIS online check-in website. The information contained in your waivers requires a level of accuracy that can only be entrusted to a service that allows you to control the content.

Click the image below to begin your journey with Weglot today.

Google Translate: The free option for a quick translation

If you’re searching for a cost-effective solution, then Google Translate is a free tool which allows your website visitors to choose from hundreds of languages.

While Google Translate offers tremendous reach, it comes with certain limitations, for instance you won’t have the flexibility to customise the language dropdown or fine-tune any of the translations. Google Translate only works on one frame at a time, therefore iframe and widget users would have to translate these frames separately.

Google Translate gives you the power to communicate your brand story and e-Commerce pages at the click of a button empowering you to reach further for less!

Lets find the right solution for you.


  • Translation Refinement
  • Auto-Translates from parent frame
  • IBIS Online Check-in
  • SEO Optimization
  • Available in Mainland China
  • Implementation costs apply

Google Translate

  • Free online translations
  • 133 Languages
  • Implementation costs apply

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

Learn how about IBIS translated e-Commerce with our handy knowledgebase.

2023 Q3 Feature roundup

Improved! We’ve resolved an issue with some report filters not clearing when date selection is changed.

Fixed! We’ve squashed a bug with the “email me/subscribed” tick box not populating into reports.

Improved! The Manifest report will now display services on a manifest only if there’s a pick-up or drop-off set on the specific component. It has also been renamed to ‘Pick-up/drop-off manifest’.

Fixed! The Reservation Option Analysis Report default view has now been restored to display the product as the primary column.

Improved! We’ve standardised the way the Origin/Country is populated in our reports. It’s now always taken from the main customer record linked to the booking, and if that doesn’t exist, it will display the country set in the booking.

New! Report on your staff roster with new fields in the Option Analysis Report.  The new fields are: “Service group”, “Driver”, “Vehicle”, “Departure note”, “Product Groups 1, 2 & 3” and “Booking #”.

What’s new in Reservations & Scheduler

Improved! You can now set the ‘Use Order’ for your Scheduler resources in the Resources screen. This order will be used to determine which resource is picked first when booking, as well as in the display on your Appointment, Hire and Scheduler setup screens.

New! We have added an ‘itinerary note’ field to the itinerary email confirmation. This means you can have product specific notes show up on the email confirmation – contact the IBIS team to add this.

Improved! Email addresses can now be changed from the emailer tool (for Itinerary users) instead of using the primary customer email.

Improved! Photo capture functions from the Itinerary screen.

Improved! From the Schedular booking screen, hire products will now show the  resource name on the booking line.

Improved! Whoops we found a typo in the Aircraft screen, all fixed now though!

Improved! We’ve made some general tidy ups on  the appointment screen to remove some unnecessary data.

Improved! We’ve improved the Transaction summary line for integrated Eftpos so it now displays more detail.

Improved! When selecting a supplier from  Retail items screen, we are now sorting the suppliers alphabetically.

Improved! Transactions in the Find sale screen are now ordered by time with the newest sales on top, so you can quickly see your last sales.

Improved! We’ve fixed some issues with the retail item import function.

Fixed! We resolved an issue with deactivated items not saving changes as expected.

Fixed! We squashed a bug that allowed duplicate PLU codes to still be saved after users were warned about them.

Improved! Transaction summary line for integrated Eftpos now includes more detail.

Improved! Addressed an issue with Manage costs not generating in the ledger.

Fixed! GST amount for Australians using Xero!

Improved! The list of bookings found in online check-in is now filtered to show activities that have the check-in setting enabled on a service, or are appointment or hire product types.

New! We’ve created a check-in report specifically for spa therapists. The Appointment list report  allows your therapists to view their upcoming appointments and view customers responses to the online check-in form.

Fixed! Date toggle on check-in questions report.

Improved! Customers using the Check-in tab on the Departures screen will now be able to enter marketing data for Origin, Extra info and Customer Type. This is consistent with the fields entered in the optional marketing popup prompt on reservation save.

Fixed! We have resolved an issue with the voucher description field not showing on gift vouchers that were printed from the application.

Improved! Bulk Gift Voucher write off functions.

Improved! You can no longer discount a gift voucher item when redeeming at POS.

Improved! The customer lookup function at POS will now always open the correct Customers screen depending on the version of Membership you are using.

Improved! Only current memberships now display on the Customer screen.

New! The Stock balance report is now named the Stock value report and its purpose is for financial reporting. The report has been simplified which makes it a lot faster. It only reports on your stock values, not units, which can be reported on in the new Stock on hand report.

New! ‘Stock on hand’ report. This report shows you the number of units you currently have for each of your stock items at each location. For ease of reordering, we’ve added a ‘minimum reorder value’ setting. This can be found in the Retail items screen and allows you to filter for anything below minimum reorder value.

New! For customers using the Resource planner and check-in, we now have a new report in IBIS Online called “Check-in by resource”.

This report replaces the Resource Pax List report used from the Resource planner screen.

2023 Q2 Feature roundup

Improved! The reservation summary report pax calculator with multiple price options in the same booking.

Fixed! Default layout of the Trial Balance.

Improved! Default layout of the sales report.

Improved! We’ve fixed a bug with the Xero export pulling GST on products with tax registered unticked.

New! Extra fields in the Option Analysis Report.
The extra fields are: Service group, Driver, Vehicle, Departure note, Product Group 1, 2, 3 and Booking number.

Fixed! We squashed a bug relating to returns being multiplied incorrectly in the admission liability report

Improved! Search functions in Hire, Appointment and Itinerary screens.

Improved! When you add a new Admission item, the usage and validity screen will pop-up automatically for your convenience. Admission tickets without these set will not be processed when scanned.

Improved! Error message when therapist is unlinked from the product.

Improved! If you have multiple price options available for appointment products, the price for the first one in the list order will be displayed on the date/time selection page on e-commerce. E.g. if you have separate weekday and weekend price options, then the weekday option should have a higher list order than the weekend option so that it is displayed for the customer at first glance. 

New! Hire and Appointment selection from new itinerary screen.

Improved! The cafe dockets now have the date and time of the sale printed on them.

Fixed! Opening Itinerary planner independently in latest application version.

Improved! The Gift Voucher screen is now ordered by having the last sold Gift Vouchers on top (unless you have a custom sort order saved on the screen)

Improved! Bulk Gift Voucher write off function.

Improved! Transactions in the Find sale screen are now ordered by time with the newest sales on top, so you can quickly see your last sales.

Fixed! Errors in the Retail item import screen.

Check-in. The medical details field is now a separate column in the manifest and check-in details report instead of a ‘note’ field.

Operations. Opening bookings from the resource planner screen in the latest application version.

Memberships Membership use summary field given additional characters.

New! Google Analytics 4 has now been released to all IBIS customers. Further e-commerce and Google Data Layer updates are to follow!

Improved! We’ve improved the design on the “buy as a gift voucher” feature on E-commerce” 

Important GA4 deployment date


Google Analytics – GA4 Deployment

IBIS will switch to GA4 on Wednesday 21st June 2023

On the night of Tuesday 20th June 2023 we will switch from Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4. The purchase events you currently receive in UA will cease and begin to show in GA4. This means there will be no break in your Google reporting


Do I need to do anything?
If you have not already set up GA4 you will need to do this in your Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics account now. Here is our knowledgebase article on GA4 set up. If you have a digital marketing company that does this for you and they have any questions please refer them to the knowledgebase article or to email help@ibis.co.nz.  

Will all the GA4 events be available?
In the first instance only the purchase events will be available. We will roll out the remaining events when we release our newest version of IBIS e-commerce.  

I have already switched to the new version of IBIS ecommerce and changed our booking links. How will this effect me?
If we have already helped you transition to the new version of IBIS ecommerce, you do not need to do anything, you are already receiving GA4 purchase events. The other GA events will be coming soon.    

What is the newest version of ecommerce and how do I get it?
Our new ecommerce product includes updates, new features, the remaining GA4 events and a restructure of the URLs. We will be in touch when this is ready for your business and the actions you need to take to activate it.

2023 Q1 Feature roundup

Here is a recap of improvements and bug fixes over the past few months.  Download the latest hotfix to access these new features.

Improved! We’ve added a pending amount column and fixed an issue with the date display on the new Manage debtors screen.

New! The tax code setting can be left blank if it’s not required in the SAP export.

Improved! We’ve changed the MYOB export format so it imports works for csv files.

Improved! We’ve fixed a small bug with customer balances on the Customers screen.

Improved! You can now display the drop off field or option summary in the Departure screen Search tab. Please contact us if you would like to make either of these part of your default saved screen view. 

Improved! You can no longer post to invoice on a direct account in the Scheduler booking screen.

Improved! If the product specific online cutoff time is greater than your closed trip time offset specified in your System settings, the product departure will not be visible in your departure list when viewed online.

New! You can now add the phone numbers linked to the operators associated with the products in your system as merge fields in your SMS templates.

New!  We’ve added a merge field to display your bank account details on booking and itinerary email confirmations, or proforma invoice confirmations.

Improved! We’ve improved the Search functions on the Itinerary screen.

New! We’ve added the driver and vehicle name that is allocated in Specific Availability to the manifest and option analysis report. 

Improved! Membership emails are now sending from the Email editor.

Improved! We have fixed an issue where memberships were duplicating when refunds were given.

Improved! If a transaction is in adding payment status, we will now always prompt you to void the transaction when the POS screen is closed, or a new transaction is loaded. If the sale contains an integrated EFTPOS transaction or Windcave Online transaction, the user must complete the transaction before they can exit the POS screen.

Fixed! Declined payments are no longer showing in the POS screen and duplicating amounts in the Online sales report.

Improved! We added group and subgroup fields to the gift voucher sales reports.

Fixed! We fixed a bug which wan’t sending thank-you emails to every person who completed checked in.

New! You can now customise check-in questions per product.

Fixed! We crushed a bug which prevented repeat customers from checking in again online.

New! We’ve added flight notes to the Flight details report.

2022 Q4 Feature roundup

Our team have kept busy over the past few months working through some new screens and system improvements.

Many of these changes have already been rolled out to you automatically over the last few months. Download the latest hotfix to access these new features.

New! We’ve created a new Manage debtors screen that allows you to select a date to invoice reservations up to, and then choose specific reservations to include on the invoice.  A new manage invoice  tab also allows you to preview an invoice before sending. Learn more about the new Manage debtors screen in our Knowledgebase.

Improved! Tax codes can now be blank if not required in SAP exports.

Improved! We have changed the scanner tool used in our online Event check-in tool. It now prompts for permissions to use the camera on your device and you can select the front or back camera to use for scanning.

Once event tickets are scanned, a green box indicates a successful scan.

Improved! We have improved the Pax option summary on the Departure screen Search tab. Here is a recap of the behaviour:

    • Only shows price options which take a place from availability
    • Only shows the Availability when grouped by departure 
    • Resolved issues with pax counts when the screen is grouped by time.
    • Resolved an issue with delays showing edits to bookings

New! If you close out of the Cancellation reason pop-up, your booking is now re-loaded and any edits which were made are abandoned (instead of cancelling the booking without a recorded reason). Learn all about how to set up cancellation reasons in our Knowledgebase.

Improved! We’ve added some additional merge fields to the SMS templates:

    • Outstanding balance on booking 
    • Promo Code  
    • Number of customers on the booking 
    • Agent Name 
    • Voucher Number 

Fixed! We fixed a bug which prevented thank you emails sending to every person who checks in. 

Improved! We have reduced the customer name length requirement to be a minimum of 2 letters, down from 3. 

Improved! We have added Call sign and Make/Model to the Flight Detail Report.

Improved! You can no longer void a sale that contains a partial payment using the EFTPOS online payment type.

Improved! If a customer pays using stored credit card online, we now update the stored card details in both the Manage customers screen and new Customers screen.

Fixed! If you use our Customer accounts functionality, we’ve added a setting to prevent held and void sales from appearing in the ledger. 

Improved! We’ve adjusted the widths of the columns in the discount popup selection screen so it’s easier to read the discount description.


Fixed! We fixed a bug in our Online Check-in around customers who had previously checked-in.

New! Person options who are not on the primary component in a booking are now available to be checked-in in Online Check-in. For example spectators who take places on a different service which is not on the primary component. 

New! We have enabled hotkeys for our high-use operational screens to help you open screens faster.  Learn  how to turn these on in the User settings screen.

Improved! We now tell you how many failed login attempts you have left if you enter the wrong user name/password into IBIS.


New!  We can now stream data to you via Amazon Web Services Kenesis stream or Microsoft Azure Stream. This means that if you hold your own data warehouse or have an integration which uses IBIS data, it’s now easier to get this data to you. Please note IBIS will not support the infrastructure needed on your side to retrieve this data.

New! Smart Integration with Gantner lockers. Assign a smart locker to your spa customers, use our new check-out function to let your maintenance team know the locker is ready for cleaning. (Note that we only integrate with Gantner lockers).

Improved! We have begun enforcing API throttle limits to  safeguard against server overloading from too many requests being made via API channel partners. Our aim is to reduce the volume of API calls so that system performance is not impacted, while ensuring that any bookings being made via these channels are not impacted.

2022 Q3 Feature roundup

Our team have kept busy redesigning and rolling out the new Membership module and making significant improvements to our Check-in system. We’ve also given the E-Commerce platform some powerful new features to help you drive more sales through your website.

One of the key changes we have made in the new IBIS application is the way we store customer details. We now create a unique record for each customer and reuse this each time a guest visits. By matching customer records in your system using a combination of name and email address, we are able to help you re-market to customers more easily, report on customer spend and view all their transactions at a glance. We feel these changes were important to allow you to leverage more value from each customer!

Many of these changes have already been rolled out to you automatically over the last few months. If you are not using the latest version of the IBIS application, we recommend you contact our team to schedule an update and we will advise you how to access our latest recommended version 22.5.0.

New! We’ve optimised the availability calendar for mobile devices and made it easier for your customers to see which dates your products are available to book.

New availability calendar for E-Commerce
New! You can automatically apply the best deals for your customers when they book direct on your E-Commerce website using our dynamic promotion feature! Talk to our team to help you get this enabled.
Dynamic promotions
New! It’s now possible to upload images for your E-Commerce website directly from the IBIS Application using the new Image Manager screen available in the latest version of our IBIS application.


New! Our dual calendar widget can be embedded on your own website pages and gives customers a month or week preview of your departure availability and displays your best price across multiple days.

Dual Calendar Widget

Improved! You can now restrict the countries you ship retail items to on your E-Commerce site.  It’s easy to set up, learn more about this in our Knowledgebase.
Improved! We’ve made it easier for customers to select where they are from by adding a search bar to the country list at checkout.
Country of origin search










Fixed! The “Addon person” price options can no longer be booked online without an accompanying “person” price option in the cart. An ‘addon person’ is used for Infants or Spectators who need to be included in pax counts, but would not be able to book a product without an accompanying adult or participant.

Fixed! We resolved an issue that allowed maximum spaces to be exceeded in the cart for hire type products.

New! IBIS have designed our first in-house gate scanning station using cutting edge 3D printing technology. Learn more about our gate scanning kiosks in our Knowledgebase or check it out yourself when you visit the Polynesian Spa in Rotorua!

Gate Scanner















New! We can now allow you to admit all members on the ticket by scanning the QR code on the Receipt. Read more on validating admission tickets in bulk.

Improved! We’ve added customers membership details to the admission reports so you can see details about which member scanned their membership cards at entry. For all other customers who scan admission tickets, we will display the customer details captured at POS.

IBIS has launched a full suite of tools with our new membership module. You can now create membership and loyalty programmes for your customers who love to return. Our new membership module allows your customers to sign up, manage their own memberships online and make reservations through your e-commerce site. Learn about our new membership features and functions in our Knowledgebase.

New module highlights:

    • Redesigned membership purchase process
    • Memberships can be activated at sign up or upon first visit if extra steps are required
    • Renew existing memberships online
    • Prompt members to answer customisable questions when they sign up
    • New seasonal membership type
    • Member login widget for your E-Commerce website that gives exclusive access to member only promotions
    • Members can update their own contact details and add new members online
    • Easily send renewal reminders and other targeted emails to members from within IBIS
    • New membership spend report shows how your members are spending across your business

Membership online

Reminder: Our legacy Membership module will be sunset in November 2022. Please contact us if you have not confirmed your migration plan to access the new membership module.

New! We’ve implemented a Customer screen to store all customer details from bookings and POS transactions through to check-in and membership details.

Customers screen








New! We’ve added an option summary to the Search tab on the Departures screen. This will give you an overview of the pax breakdown for each departure.

View the pax summary per departure










Improved! You can now send emails in bulk and choose your preferred email template from a list on the Departure screen. Your existing email templates can be modified to include a custom text field to add adhoc messages to your guests. Talk to us today to help you set up new email templates if needed. 

Bulk email functions









Fixed! We resolved an issue when rescheduling bookings using IBIS online which prevented you from changing the price options on the booking.

Fixed! We’ve resolved an issue with the promotion options disappearing when editing bookings on the scheduler booking screen.

Improved! We’ve cleaned up the stock purchase, adjustments and transfers reports in IBIS Online so they are easier to use and have equivalent functionality to the legacy stock audit reports.

Improved! We’ve added the recipient and purchaser phone number to the Gift voucher liability report. This makes it easier to contact customers who have outstanding vouchers to utilise.

Improved! The origin group field has been added to the Reservation summary report so you can more easily report on your country data. E.g. you can group individual countries under North America or Europe as an ‘origin group’. 

Improved! We’ve improved the report view on the Check-in list report.

Fixed! We resolved an issue with the stock value column not multiplying correctly across units.

Improved! The value of a gift voucher can no longer be adjusted at the time of redemption.

Improved! Event ticket sales now show the event name in the item description at POS.

Major updates have been rolled out to customers using the IBIS check-in module, including pre-arrival online check-in, on-site tablet check-in, flight check-in and the Check-in screen in the IBIS Application. These updates are part of the work we are doing to enable you to gather more information about your customers. The new features are designed to improve the flow of customers through your operational process.

If you are interested in learning how check-in can help your business, please get in touch with our support team.

New! We added a summary panel to the Check-in screen to show the number of pax who have completed online check-in vs manual check-in. This is useful when your customers check-in prior to arriving, but you also need to ensure you capture additional check-in info such as weight when they arrive onsite.  The summary also shows any outstanding balances to pay on bookings.   

New! A history tab has been added to the check-in screen so you can view the booking edit history including when a customer was checked in. 

New! If there is only one pax on the booking we now automatically populate add-ons for the individual to save you time.

New! We can now apply different branding to your pre-arrival check-in emails.

New!  We created a dedicated report to view custom check-in questions and answers.

Improved! We added a customer detail panel to the Flight check-in screen so you can see all customer details at check-in.

We’ve updated our knowledgebase so make sure you get a refresher on all the IBIS check-in features.

Gift voucher screen improvements

We’re making some improvements to gift vouchers and have added some new features to the Gift voucher screen.

What’s new in this version 17.41.69:

  • Some gift voucher properties are now editable such as recipient name, expiry date and message.
  • You can now add a private note against a gift voucher – useful to record a reason for changing the expiry.
  • We crushed some bugs.

Keen to update to a test version? Contact our helpdesk to access a key and find out if you are eligible.