Gift voucher screen improvements

We’re making some improvements to gift vouchers and have added some new features to the Gift voucher screen.

What’s new in this version 17.41.69:

  • Some gift voucher properties are now editable such as recipient name, expiry date and message.
  • You can now add a private note against a gift voucher – useful to record a reason for changing the expiry.
  • We crushed some bugs.

Keen to update to a test version? Contact our helpdesk to access a key and find out if you are eligible.

September updates

  • Improved! We’ve added the Operator field to the Reservation liability report so you can view forward liability by “operator” in your system.

  • Improved! For customers using the Trial Balance report in IBIS, you can now tell when a booking has been invoiced or not using the new “invoiced” field.

  • New! We’ve created a new report for Customer account liability. We will be updating our documentation soon to include details.

  • Improved! We have been moving more stock reports to IBIS Online. These reports will replace the Stock Audit report that is available to users running version 16.15.00 and below of the IBIS application. If you use the stock module, you should now see the following reports on your profile under Reports > Stock
    • Stock purchases & credits
    • Stock adjustments
    • Stock transfers
  • Improved! We’ve added a status column and filter to the Stock Adjustments report in IBIS Online. This will allow you to view adjustments at status new, although the default report will still show adjustments of status posted. Find out more about the changes we’ve made to the stock adjustment report in our stock report article.

This update has been released in server version There is no update to the IBIS application required to access these updates.

Updates May 2021

These updates have been managed by IBIS in the background and do not require any action at your end.


  • Improved! Increased stability and enhanced monitoring systems
    We have been doing a ton of work under the hood to improve the stability and performance of our E-Commerce site. This work has been helped by the introduction of more robust logging and analytics enabling our technicians to quickly detect any issues that occur on the site. These improvements will help us ensure you are delivering the best experience to your customers.
  • New! Deposit payments
    We can now accept a deposit as payment instead of the full amount for reservations on our E-Commerce site. Find out more in our article about how to take deposit payments for reservations.
  • Improved! More mobile-friendly way to purchase admission tickets
    Admission tickets are now purchased by + and – buttons, instead of unit dropdowns.
  • New! Afterpay
    We can now support Afterpay as a buy now pay later option on our E-Commerce site. Please contact Afterpay if you are interested in getting an account set up.
  • Improved! Itinerary emails
    We are happy to announce we can now offer itinerary emails as a default instead of a single reservation email to be sent once payment is complete for reservations. This means if a customer purchases multiple reservations in their cart, we can send a single itinerary email based on what they have booked, instead of a single email per booking. Please note this feature requires implementation, it does not automatically send an itinerary email so please contact us if you are interested in having this setup so we can work through this with you. Learn more in our Knowledgebase about confirmation emails for your bookings.


  • New! Reminder emails
    We can now send automated booking reminder emails that can be sent for upcoming reservations. Our reminder emails can be product-specific. Find out more in our Knowledgebase article about Sending reminder emails to your customers.  
  • Improved! Thank you emails
    We have made a number of improvements to the way you can send a follow-up “Thank-you” email for your Reservation products. You can now control the time and day you want to send thank-you emails, restrict sending emails to only specific products and you can even send different emails templates depending on brand. Find out more in our article on sending follow up thank you emails to your customers.
  • New! Branded receipt emails
    You can now send different receipt email templates for different brands when sales are made on your E-Commerce platform. These different receipt templates can also be sent manually from your POS screen. Find out more in our article about how to email receipts.


  • Improved! Point of sale discounts report
    We have added some new fields into the Point of sale Discounts report so you will now be able to see the Customer name, customer email and you can also view by online till only. In order to use these fields, you have to be capturing the customer details at Point of sale, so these work particularly well for customers who use our Membership module.
  • Improved! Reservation summary report 
    We have added the option summary string into the Reservation summary report. This will allow you to filter for options contained within a booking while still reporting on the overall value of the booking. E.g. if you want to see the overall value of reservations that contain “Child” options, or a “Kids go free” promotion.
  • Improved! Reservation summary report 
    We have also added the sale time field into the Reservation summary report. This will allow you to see what time of day the customers made bookings.
  • Improved! Reservation summary report 
    We have resolved an issue for customers selling both tickets and reservations in the same IBIS system. Tickets will now be excluded from all reservation reports and will only be visible on dedicated Ticket reports.
  • Improved! Check-in list report 
    We have added resource and product manager to the Check-in list report for Scheduler customers.
  • Improved! Sales reports
    We have resolved an issue with the Sales reports being case sensitive when grouping fields such as Till name.
  • Improved! Online sales report
    We have added a new field to the online sales report called “Brand”. For operators who have multiple branded websites, this will allow you to view transactions made through each of your E-Commerce websites. Learn more about the online sales report in our Knowledgebase.
  • Improved! Admission report
    We’ve added the email address and subscriber field to the Admissions report.
  • Improved! Scheduler Staff Allocation report
    We have improved the break time, sick/annual leave time reporting in the Scheduler Staff Allocation report. These will now report as a negative time so you can more accurately calculate the total hours worked by staff.
  • Improved! Sales report for Event ticketing
    For customers using our Events module, you can now group the Sales report by “Event” in list view. You will find the “Event” field in the hidden columns.

Hotfix version 16.15.00

This update contains the following new features and bug fixes:

Point of sale

  • Improved! We decided it wasn’t very intuitive to ask users to process a $0 cash payment whenever a gift voucher is redeemed in full. Instead, we now prompt users to ‘Complete Sale’ when the balance of the transaction is $0.00 and there actually isn’t any payment to process. This is also a new system function you can add as a button to your Point of sale menu.

  • Improved! We’ve made some of the buttons on our prompts at Point of Sale larger so they are easier to use with a touchscreen.

Appointment scheduler

  • Improved! For Appointment scheduler clients, we have included a status called ‘off/annual leave‘ to the Scheduler setup screen so you can record why therapists are not available to be rostered. This status will be used for recording days off or annual leave and you can report on it in the Staff Allocation report found in IBIS Online under Reports > Scheduler.

  • New feature! For Appointment scheduler clients, you can now add an activity reservation to the customer from either the  Appointment screen or the Scheduler booking screen. When clicked, this will open the Departure screen where you can then add a booking to the existing customer.



  • New feature! Want to add a new reservation product to an existing customer? If you have repeat customers, Activity operators can now lookup the customer before starting the booking process. Find out more in our article making a reservation for an existing customer.
  • Fixed! We have resolved an issue where inactive countries were still displaying in the marketing popup prompt that appears after you save a reservation. If a country is made inactive, it will no longer appear in the list. If you edit a booking that contains marketing information that has been subsequently made inactive, you will be warned.

  • Fixed! For operators using the Packaging function under the Manage Tour screen, we have resolved an issue with the send email function. As part of the fix, we have also moved the ‘Email customer’ option to underneath the More link as shown below.

  • Fixed! We’ve resolved an issue in the Customer Tour screen where it was not pulling the expected date for a customer tour template if the products contained in the template started after 12pm.
  • Resolved an issue with the membership expiry date not being set
  • Fixed the default response on the Admission ticket popup question “Are your customers entering the venue?” to “Yes”

Version 16.0.0

The latest version is a required release. All customers will be prompted to update when they login to IBIS – if your IT department has restricted your update settings, please contact them to advise a new update is available. Please note if you are updated from older versions of IBIS, this version may require you to install Windows .NET framework updates before completing.

Read on to find out what’s new:

Accounts / Finance

  • Improved! We’ve modified the wording on the bottom of the remittance advice in the multi-line invoice template to include the invoice number as a reference on your payment and not the account code. 
  • Improved! You can now specify a fixed dollar amount for a revenue split. Fixed amounts must be specified exclusive of GST, unless using new general ledger split functionality which requires inclusive of GST amounts.
  • New! You can now find the Invoice & Account Payment summary reports in IBIS Online under the Finance menu. The invoice summary report will include both Invoices and Journals applied to accounts. You can filter results by Invoice date, Due date, or Created date. Note these reports will replace the date based Invoice summary, Payment summary and Journals reports found in the application.
  • Improved! We have added a tax-inclusive option into the Reservation Revenue Split report in IBIS Online.
  • New! The Admission Liability report is now available under the Finance menu in IBIS Online. This report shows all admission tickets (retail voucher / multi-use retail vouchers) sold vs validated (i.e. used). 


  • Improved! We’ve resolved an issue with voided sales showing in the Manage Customer File history tab.
  • Improved! We resolved an issue with selling multiple membership items in the same transaction associated with different customers. This functionality now associates the membership items to different members as expected, and the membership item retail rows will not be combined. 
  • Improved! The Sale return function at POS now works for membership items. 
  • Improved! The Membership list report in IBIS Online now excludes inactive memberships.
  • Improved! You can now add Sale Month and Expiry month as optional columns to the Membership list report. This makes it easier to group or filter members who have recently joined or about to expire.
  • Improved! We have renamed the Membership Usage report to Membership Transactions so it more clearly explains the purpose of the report.


  • New! We have added more features to the Departure screen to make it easier to use! Selected rows will be highlighted. On the Search tab, we’ve made the row grouping text bold so it’s easier to read. When viewing the Availability tab, the screen will automatically scroll to the next available departure when viewing the current day. 
  • Fixed! For sector transport customers, the Departures screen now displays the sector start time not the service start time.
  • Improved! Sale type is now set in the Customer Tour screen for online bookings.
  • Improved! We have made the Date field on the Departures screen more keyboard friendly. You can now type in the date as DDMMYY or YYYY and it will automatically move to the next part without having to enter / between the numbers. E.g. 010220 or 01022020 will bring up the date 01 Feb 2020. Pressing the Enter key will submit the date. Also, clicking on the date field with the mouse or tabbing to it will select the day portion of the date first. Use the keyboard left-right arrow keys to move between the day-month-year sections of the date. You can also use the up-down arrow keys to change the values of each of the date sections.
  • Improved! We have resolved an issue when reapplying templates in the Service calendar where inactive services already existed. Previously, the inactive services would remain inactive, which meant you needed to find and reactive them. Now, the inactive services will be reactivated automatically and updated with the changes on the new template.
  • Improved! We have resolved an issue when booking charter products where you would get a ‘trip has departed’ warning message.
  • New! We’ve added sort order options to the Reservation Analyser is IBIS online. You can now sort results by pax, gross or net. You can also choose which period you want to see (1 current, or 2 historic). We have also added product code and price option groupings to the list of fields in Reservation Analyser to make it easier to compare stats year on year. 
  • Improved! You can now report by product date (date of travel) or sale date (date booking was first created) in the Cancellation reasons report in IBIS Online. 
  • New! In the Reservation Summary report in IBIS Online, the number of bookings over a date range is now available – this does not include the number of pax, just the overall number of bookings for a chosen product over the selected date range. We have also added the average revenue per booking and per pax.
  • Improved! We’ve cleaned up the List view version of the Reservation Summary report and hidden a few columns by default to make it easier to read when the report first opens. You can still find the hidden columns to re-add them back into the report using the column chooser function.
  • Improved! We’ve added the booking number field into the Reservation summary table view report. Right-click to show hidden fields to find this if you would like to add it to your report view.
  • Fixed! We’ve fixed an issue with 12:00 AM services not showing in the Check-in tab in the Departures screen.
  • Improved! The Option analysis report found in IBIS Online now formats better when exported to a PDF. The name of the report appears at the top, and we’ve improved the page re-sizing when exporting only a few columns.

IBIS Online

  • Improved! We’ve resolved an issue in the Departures screen in IBIS Online not showing products with the “direct only” policy set.
  • Fixed! Edits to bookings in IBIS Online now properly save the customer contact details.
  • Improved! You can now save report pre-filters (table view) in your customised report views.
  • Improved! We’ve increased the field length for entering PLU codes into the Promotion setup screen in IBIS Online.
  • New! Right click a date field in Table view and select a date interval filter – date, month and year, year, days of week. In List view, you can find the date interval filter by right clicking on the date column when the report is grouped by date.

Point of Sale

  • Improved! We’ve improved the error recovery between IBIS and Integrated EFTPOS platforms to resolve an issue that could cause IBIS to hang if the EFTPOS system did not respond.
  • New! We’ve added a new feature for customers who use the prompt for receipt option at Point of Sale. Now, you can select Email receipt after a transaction is completed. If you are selling admission, event tickets or gift vouchers, these will automatically be attached to the receipt as a PDF.
  • Improved! We fixed an issue where a new transaction could not be started after viewing a voided transaction on the POS screen.
  • Changed! You can now only use the ‘charge to account’ payment type once per POS transaction – this is to assist with reconciliation processes and integration with accounting packages. You can no longer charge a POS transaction to two or more accounts.
  • Improved! We resolved an issue with a sale return for build items. It no longer doubles the items being returned in the transaction.
  • Improved! We’ve resolved a rounding issue when using foreign exchange payments – the change returned will round to the nearest $0.10 as it does with the standard cash payment type.
  • Improved! We’ve fixed a bug with discounts not recalculating automatically if units were changed at POS after discounts were applied.
  • Improved! We’ve improved how build items display on receipts and no longer show build item details in parentheses.
  • New! If a customer is linked to a POS transaction, the customer name will now be printed on the thermal receipt.
  • Improved! We now prevent users from adding the same booking/ticket into the same Point of Sale transactions if you accidentally hit “To POS” twice. 
  • Improved! We’ve now added the Origin group field to the Sales report in IBIS online. This allows you to analyse your online transactions by a group of countries, instead of individual ones.
  • Improved! We have added the retail group and subgroup into the Point of sale discounts report in IBIS online.
  • Changed and improved! For E-Commerce customers, online payment references have been updated across the platform. Now the Point of Sale Payments & Online Sales reports and the voucher field in the Booking screen contain the same payment reference that appears on the default Windcave reports to make it easier for you to reconcile.


  • New! We’ve added the Country of Origin Group (i.e. Origin Group) to the Admissions report in IBIS Online.
  • New! In the Service Utilisation report in IBIS Online, the number of bookings over a date range is now available – this does not include the number of pax, just the overall number of bookings for a chosen product over the selected date range. We have also added in the average revenue per booking and per pax. We’ve also added a new column called Trips with Places which is a count of the number of services that had one or more places taken.
  • Improved! We’ve improved the formatting of the PDF export of the Manifest report in IBIS Online. We’ve also added the pax count to the pick-up/drop-off and location group fields and separated out pick-up and drop-off pax into 2 columns.

Gift Vouchers

  • New! We can now display the redemption value on the gift voucher template. This is ideal if you are selling gift vouchers at Point of Sale with a prompt for price as you can specify any amount and it will print on the voucher template. For existing customers using Gift Vouchers, this field will need to be added to your templates by request. Please contact help@ibis.co.nz if you would like this field to show.
  • New! We have added the name and email address for both the purchaser and recipient (if available) for all online gift voucher sales into the Gift Voucher liability report. This will allow you to export a list of contacts to remind them their vouchers are about to expire.
  • New! We’ve implemented a bulk gift voucher write-off process. The new process can be found under the Finance menu in IBIS Online. We will be updating our Knowledgebase shortly for details of how to use this feature.
  • Improved! The Gift Voucher liability report now displays the full sales value (inc GST). As the liability amount is tax-exempt until the Gift Voucher is redeemed, the full redemption value is the figure we are trying to represent – hence we have just used the GST inclusive setting to represent this on the report. 


  • Improved! In the Stock Balance report in IBIS Online, you are now able to expand each item to see the details of each sale on specific items in the List view.
  • New! We’ve added the supplier code into the Stock Sales and Stock Balance report in IBIS Online.
  • Improved! We’ve added the Balances filters to the Stock Balance report in IBIS Online. You can now filter for all items, items below minimum / zero / negative, etc.


  • Improved! For customers using both the Ticketing & Reservations modules in the same IBIS system, we have improved the Ticket Sales report in IBIS Online to exclude Operator Reservation products from showing on the reports.
  • Improved! For multi-location customers using the Thermal Ticket style “Per component enhanced”, it will now pull through the correct location information on the voucher and receipt to show where the customer purchased this ticket.
  • In our Ticket Reconciliation report, we have added first user,  operator nett, and commission per ticket columns into the report. This matches the design of the Ticket List report used in the IBIS application.

Appointment Scheduler

  • Improved! Reservations made in the Appointments screen are no longer subject to the Manager Restriction used in the E-Commerce site. This allows you to make bookings for a therapist even if they have reached their maximum. Please check the note in the column heading for the therapist before you make the booking. The format is like this: 3 [2] 4:45 where the first number is the total number of appointments, [2] is the number of appointments on restricted products and 4:45 is the total time of appointments.
  • Improved! We have resolved an issue where saving a cancelled booking was prevented if there was not enough space to save the booking.


  • Improved! Promotions applied to retail items on your E-commerce site can now be reported on using the Point of sale discounts report found in IBIS Online.
  • Improved! We’ve resolved payment time-out issues reported by some customers. 
  • Improved! We’ve made improvements to the E-Commerce platform for sector transport customers. 
  • New! We’ve created a new multi-day departure widget. See the i-frame demo site for an example. 
  • New! We can now support Stripe for integrated online payments. Note, only for full payment at this stage. 
  • Improved! We’ve fixed an issue with stored card payments not displaying in an i-frame correctly. 
  • New! A ‘continue shopping’ button can now be added to the cart page of your E-Commerce site. To set this up, please contact help@ibis.co.nz with the link you would like this button to redirect to. Note, this can only be one URL per system. 
  • Improved! We’ve added a setting to specify the postage cost for gift vouchers. This can now be edited under System Settings in the application. 


  • Improved! We’ve consolidated our various check-in reports into one new report called Check-in List which is now found under Reports > Operations in IBIS Online. 
  • New! We’ve added a new Check-in screen under the Operations menu in IBIS Online which allows you to view all passenger check-in details and edit the weight field.