Release Notes: 12 June 2024

Fixed! We crushed a bug for customers using hire product types. Price options will no longer be duplicated in the cart when using the back button on your browser to return to the option selection page.

Fixed! For Appointment customers; therapists & resources set to internal only will no longer be bookable online. 

Improved! Online Product Group setup is now accessed via the IBIS application in a new screen. Products are ordered by Reporting Group 1 (Operator Products screen) and sorted alphabetically making selection easier. 

Fixed!  Free memberships will now receive registration emails as expected.

Fixed!  We will no longer create a membership when a POS transaction has been voided.

Fixed! Commission for single business unit users can once again be updated in the Accounts screen as normal.

Multi-business unit users will continue to set the commission levels for each business in the Business Unit Accounts screen.