Release Notes: 31 May 2024

¬†Improved! For customers using the Gift voucher liability (new) report, the ‘Purchaser’ fields have now been brought in as a field as per the legacy report.

Improved! The phone field is now mapping correctly when bookings are coming through the Rezdy API.

Improved! Now, when using the ‘select until’ date in the Manage Invoices screen, all POS transactions made after the selected date will be filtered out of the screen. Previously, only bookings with a travel date beyond the selected date were filtered, resulting in all POS transactions not invoiced to be displayed regardless of their creation date.

Fixed! We have resolved an issue with modifying a check-in caption business unit setting impacting the E-Commerce website.

Improved! We’ve made the following improvements to the scheduled reports sending:

    • Pivot table reports can now be emailed.
    • Filenames are saved with the extension included.
    • PDF & Landscape reports are now an option.
    • PDF now includes header information like online reports.
    • PDF formatting has been improved and are now the same as online reports.
    • Sending one email with multiple recipients rather than multiple emails.

New! Added a gift voucher data streamed event

Changed! We have hidden the pax field by default on the Ticket Reconciliation report. Use the right-click function to show hidden fields to bring this into your report view.