January 2024 Release Notes

Improved! We have removed the ability for customers to enter non-Unicode characters (emojis) in online text fields. 

Improved! Changed the wording displayed when a gift voucher value is higher than the cart value to make it clearer to customers.

Fixed! The ‘Online Name’ for a package is now displaying on ecommerce.

New! We have added the booking balance field to the Proforma invoice email template

Improved! Improved! SAP Export, ticketing creditors now split to booking creditors and being grouped accordingly and removed duplication

Fixed!  MYOB invoice export – replace carriage return with a space

New! The Export Invoice batch function in IBIS Online will now include buyer created invoices if using the Xero export format.

Fixed! We squashed a bug when generating buyer created tax invoice for ticketing which was recording incorrect credit value. This bug only effected those using the newest Manage Invoices screen.

Improved! Creating Packages now requires a unique package code.

Improved! Improved error when opening a booking with an inactive product.

Fixed! If the Departures > Search tab is grouped by Departure, the number of available spaces on the departure is displayed.

Improved! We’ve increased the maximum allowed characters for the Pickup location name field from 50 to 100 characters.

Improved! Only transactions with discounts will now show in the point of sale discounts report

Improved!   You can no longer add a gift voucher with $0 balance to POS.

Fixed!  We squashed a bug which was preventing  new locations being added in the Locations screen.