2023 Q1 Feature roundup

Here is a recap of improvements and bug fixes over the past few months.  Download the latest hotfix to access these new features.

Improved! We’ve added a pending amount column and fixed an issue with the date display on the new Manage debtors screen.

New! The tax code setting can be left blank if it’s not required in the SAP export.

Improved! We’ve changed the MYOB export format so it imports works for csv files.

Improved! We’ve fixed a small bug with customer balances on the Customers screen.

Improved! You can now display the drop off field or option summary in the Departure screen Search tab. Please contact us if you would like to make either of these part of your default saved screen view. 

Improved! You can no longer post to invoice on a direct account in the Scheduler booking screen.

Improved! If the product specific online cutoff time is greater than your closed trip time offset specified in your System settings, the product departure will not be visible in your departure list when viewed online.

New! You can now add the phone numbers linked to the operators associated with the products in your system as merge fields in your SMS templates.

New!  We’ve added a merge field to display your bank account details on booking and itinerary email confirmations, or proforma invoice confirmations.

Improved! We’ve improved the Search functions on the Itinerary screen.

New! We’ve added the driver and vehicle name that is allocated in Specific Availability to the manifest and option analysis report. 

Improved! Membership emails are now sending from the Email editor.

Improved! We have fixed an issue where memberships were duplicating when refunds were given.

Improved! If a transaction is in adding payment status, we will now always prompt you to void the transaction when the POS screen is closed, or a new transaction is loaded. If the sale contains an integrated EFTPOS transaction or Windcave Online transaction, the user must complete the transaction before they can exit the POS screen.

Fixed! Declined payments are no longer showing in the POS screen and duplicating amounts in the Online sales report.

Improved! We added group and subgroup fields to the gift voucher sales reports.

Fixed! We fixed a bug which wan’t sending thank-you emails to every person who completed checked in.

New! You can now customise check-in questions per product.

Fixed! We crushed a bug which prevented repeat customers from checking in again online.

New! We’ve added flight notes to the Flight details report.