2023 Q3 Feature roundup

Here's a recap of the features and fixes we've brought to you in Q3 of 2023.

Improved! We’ve resolved an issue with some report filters not clearing when date selection is changed.

Fixed! We’ve squashed a bug with the “email me/subscribed” tick box not populating into reports.

Improved! The Manifest report will now display services on a manifest only if there’s a pick-up or drop-off set on the specific component. It has also been renamed to ‘Pick-up/drop-off manifest’.

Fixed! The Reservation Option Analysis Report default view has now been restored to display the product as the primary column.

Improved! We’ve standardised the way the Origin/Country is populated in our reports. It’s now always taken from the main customer record linked to the booking, and if that doesn’t exist, it will display the country set in the booking.

New! Report on your staff roster with new fields in the Option Analysis Report.  The new fields are: “Service group”, “Driver”, “Vehicle”, “Departure note”, “Product Groups 1, 2 & 3” and “Booking #”.

What’s new in Reservations & Scheduler

Improved! You can now set the ‘Use Order’ for your Scheduler resources in the Resources screen. This order will be used to determine which resource is picked first when booking, as well as in the display on your Appointment, Hire and Scheduler setup screens.

New! We have added an ‘itinerary note’ field to the itinerary email confirmation. This means you can have product specific notes show up on the email confirmation – contact the IBIS team to add this.

Improved! Email addresses can now be changed from the emailer tool (for Itinerary users) instead of using the primary customer email.

Improved! Photo capture functions from the Itinerary screen.

Improved! From the Schedular booking screen, hire products will now show the  resource name on the booking line.

Improved! Whoops we found a typo in the Aircraft screen, all fixed now though!

Improved! We’ve made some general tidy ups on  the appointment screen to remove some unnecessary data.

Improved! We’ve improved the Transaction summary line for integrated Eftpos so it now displays more detail.

Improved! When selecting a supplier from  Retail items screen, we are now sorting the suppliers alphabetically.

Improved! Transactions in the Find sale screen are now ordered by time with the newest sales on top, so you can quickly see your last sales.

Improved! We’ve fixed some issues with the retail item import function.

Fixed! We resolved an issue with deactivated items not saving changes as expected.

Fixed! We squashed a bug that allowed duplicate PLU codes to still be saved after users were warned about them.

Improved! Transaction summary line for integrated Eftpos now includes more detail.

Improved! Addressed an issue with Manage costs not generating in the ledger.

Fixed! GST amount for Australians using Xero!

Improved! The list of bookings found in online check-in is now filtered to show activities that have the check-in setting enabled on a service, or are appointment or hire product types.

New! We’ve created a check-in report specifically for spa therapists. The Appointment list report  allows your therapists to view their upcoming appointments and view customers responses to the online check-in form.

Fixed! Date toggle on check-in questions report.

Improved! Customers using the Check-in tab on the Departures screen will now be able to enter marketing data for Origin, Extra info and Customer Type. This is consistent with the fields entered in the optional marketing popup prompt on reservation save.

Fixed! We have resolved an issue with the voucher description field not showing on gift vouchers that were printed from the application.

Improved! Bulk Gift Voucher write off functions.

Improved! You can no longer discount a gift voucher item when redeeming at POS.

Improved! The customer lookup function at POS will now always open the correct Customers screen depending on the version of Membership you are using.

Improved! Only current memberships now display on the Customer screen.

New! The Stock balance report is now named the Stock value report and its purpose is for financial reporting. The report has been simplified which makes it a lot faster. It only reports on your stock values, not units, which can be reported on in the new Stock on hand report.

New! ‘Stock on hand’ report. This report shows you the number of units you currently have for each of your stock items at each location. For ease of reordering, we’ve added a ‘minimum reorder value’ setting. This can be found in the Retail items screen and allows you to filter for anything below minimum reorder value.

New! For customers using the Resource planner and check-in, we now have a new report in IBIS Online called “Check-in by resource”.

This report replaces the Resource Pax List report used from the Resource planner screen.

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