2023 Q2 Feature roundup

Here's a recap of the features and fixes we've brought to you in the last 3 months.

Improved! The reservation summary report pax calculator with multiple price options in the same booking.

Fixed! Default layout of the Trial Balance.

Improved! Default layout of the sales report.

Improved! We’ve fixed a bug with the Xero export pulling GST on products with tax registered unticked.

New! Extra fields in the Option Analysis Report.
The extra fields are: Service group, Driver, Vehicle, Departure note, Product Group 1, 2, 3 and Booking number.

Fixed! We squashed a bug relating to returns being multiplied incorrectly in the admission liability report

Improved! Search functions in Hire, Appointment and Itinerary screens.

Improved! When you add a new Admission item, the usage and validity screen will pop-up automatically for your convenience. Admission tickets without these set will not be processed when scanned.

Improved! Error message when therapist is unlinked from the product.

Improved! If you have multiple price options available for appointment products, the price for the first one in the list order will be displayed on the date/time selection page on e-commerce. E.g. if you have separate weekday and weekend price options, then the weekday option should have a higher list order than the weekend option so that it is displayed for the customer at first glance. 

New! Hire and Appointment selection from new itinerary screen.

Improved! The cafe dockets now have the date and time of the sale printed on them.

Fixed! Opening Itinerary planner independently in latest application version.

Improved! The Gift Voucher screen is now ordered by having the last sold Gift Vouchers on top (unless you have a custom sort order saved on the screen)

Improved! Bulk Gift Voucher write off function.

Improved! Transactions in the Find sale screen are now ordered by time with the newest sales on top, so you can quickly see your last sales.

Fixed! Errors in the Retail item import screen.

Check-in. The medical details field is now a separate column in the manifest and check-in details report instead of a ‘note’ field.

Operations. Opening bookings from the resource planner screen in the latest application version.

Memberships Membership use summary field given additional characters.

New! Google Analytics 4 has now been released to all IBIS customers. Further e-commerce and Google Data Layer updates are to follow!

Improved! We’ve improved the design on the “buy as a gift voucher” feature on E-commerce” 

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