2022 Q4 Feature roundup

Our team have kept busy over the past few months working through some new screens and system improvements.

Many of these changes have already been rolled out to you automatically over the last few months. Download the latest hotfix to access these new features.

New! We’ve created a new Manage debtors screen that allows you to select a date to invoice reservations up to, and then choose specific reservations to include on the invoice.  A new manage invoice  tab also allows you to preview an invoice before sending. Learn more about the new Manage debtors screen in our Knowledgebase.

Improved! Tax codes can now be blank if not required in SAP exports.

Improved! We have changed the scanner tool used in our online Event check-in tool. It now prompts for permissions to use the camera on your device and you can select the front or back camera to use for scanning.

Once event tickets are scanned, a green box indicates a successful scan.

Improved! We have improved the Pax option summary on the Departure screen Search tab. Here is a recap of the behaviour:

    • Only shows price options which take a place from availability
    • Only shows the Availability when grouped by departure 
    • Resolved issues with pax counts when the screen is grouped by time.
    • Resolved an issue with delays showing edits to bookings

New! If you close out of the Cancellation reason pop-up, your booking is now re-loaded and any edits which were made are abandoned (instead of cancelling the booking without a recorded reason). Learn all about how to set up cancellation reasons in our Knowledgebase.

Improved! We’ve added some additional merge fields to the SMS templates:

    • Outstanding balance on booking 
    • Promo Code  
    • Number of customers on the booking 
    • Agent Name 
    • Voucher Number 

Fixed! We fixed a bug which prevented thank you emails sending to every person who checks in. 

Improved! We have reduced the customer name length requirement to be a minimum of 2 letters, down from 3. 

Improved! We have added Call sign and Make/Model to the Flight Detail Report.

Improved! You can no longer void a sale that contains a partial payment using the EFTPOS online payment type.

Improved! If a customer pays using stored credit card online, we now update the stored card details in both the Manage customers screen and new Customers screen.

Fixed! If you use our Customer accounts functionality, we’ve added a setting to prevent held and void sales from appearing in the ledger. 

Improved! We’ve adjusted the widths of the columns in the discount popup selection screen so it’s easier to read the discount description.


Fixed! We fixed a bug in our Online Check-in around customers who had previously checked-in.

New! Person options who are not on the primary component in a booking are now available to be checked-in in Online Check-in. For example spectators who take places on a different service which is not on the primary component. 

New! We have enabled hotkeys for our high-use operational screens to help you open screens faster.  Learn  how to turn these on in the User settings screen.

Improved! We now tell you how many failed login attempts you have left if you enter the wrong user name/password into IBIS.


New!  We can now stream data to you via Amazon Web Services Kenesis stream or Microsoft Azure Stream. This means that if you hold your own data warehouse or have an integration which uses IBIS data, it’s now easier to get this data to you. Please note IBIS will not support the infrastructure needed on your side to retrieve this data.

New! Smart Integration with Gantner lockers. Assign a smart locker to your spa customers, use our new check-out function to let your maintenance team know the locker is ready for cleaning. (Note that we only integrate with Gantner lockers).

Improved! We have begun enforcing API throttle limits to  safeguard against server overloading from too many requests being made via API channel partners. Our aim is to reduce the volume of API calls so that system performance is not impacted, while ensuring that any bookings being made via these channels are not impacted.