Affiliate marketing for your IBIS E-Commerce website

What is affiliate marketing?

The concept of affiliate marketing is simple. A customer clicks on a unique link that is recommended from a website or social media platform. The link is embedded with a unique code associated with that affiliate. A successful sale made using the link earns the agent a commission on the sale.

Your agents can use affiliate marketing URL’s to promote your reservation products on their websites or social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok!

How to set up an affiliate agent in IBIS

It’s easy to create new accounts in your IBIS system. Once created, you embed the agent’s account code into the URL for your IBIS E-Commerce system and send them a link to embed on their website or social media post.

Can I pay a commission for affiliate sales?

Absolutely. All sales made via the affiliate link will be paid directly to you when the customers book online through your E-Commerce website. By setting up each affiliate agent account as a ‘Referral’ agent, commission on their sales can easily be generated each month and then paid out to the agent through your normal invoicing process.

Can I offer special discounts through affiliates instead of commission?

Of course. You can embed both the affiliate code and promotion code in the URL the customer users to  book online. You will need to configure the promotion in your IBIS system first and provide the unique URL to your affiliate.

Do affiliate links work with iframe?

If your E-Commerce website is embedded within an iframe, the affiliate links are not recommended. This is because the E-Commerce website will not open within your own web pages and no branding will appear on the pages.

Ready to get started?

Learn how to set up affiliate links for your reservation products in our Knowledgebase.