IBIS for Pools, Spas and Attractions

Did you know that there are around 110 hot pools and natural springs located throughout New Zealand? It is no surprise that New Zealanders LOVE their hot pools and spas!

New Zealand is world famous for the adrenaline, blood-pumping, fear factor extreme activities such as skydiving, jet boat rides, canyon swinging and bungy jumping to name a few. But when all the adrenaline wears off, what’s better than relaxing in a spa or soaking in a hot pool?! Winter or summer, hot pools and spas are a massive attraction right across New Zealand.Over the past few years, IBIS has seen an increased demand for functionality that suits spa and pool operators. Not only are there more pool complexes opening, but the addition of waterslides, cafés, events and retail are now being used to enhance existing services within the sector. To meet demand, IBIS have been re-developing and refining our solutions for pools and spas and the results are paying off.

Appointment scheduling

In 2019, IBIS replumbed our Appointment Scheduling system. Initially designed for The Spa at Hanmer Springs, we did a significant enhancement when we onboarded the Polynesian Spa in Rotorua. The changes we made to our Appointment Scheduler allowed our Spa operators to specify which therapist and/or room could be used to perform various treatments. The result is when they setup their rosters, their Appointment scheduling system always shows them the available options based on the staff/room availability, reducing errors and ensuring online bookings are a breeze!

Reservations the key to success at He Puna Taimoana

IBIS offers admission functionality to many of our customers operating public pools. Admission tickets can be purchased online and scanned through an unattended gate to gain entry. To beat the queues, this is a great solution.During New Zealand’s COVID-19 response in mid-2020 however, limiting capacity at venues was a public health requirement. IBIS was in the process of onboarding He Puna Tiamoana in Christchurch during this time, and we had to pivot our solution and steer them towards using our reservation platform to control venue capacity. Our technicians worked with the team to ensure that we staggered opening times so that change rooms and pools were never overcrowded. The implementation and user experience during this period was so successful, He Puna Taimoana have retained our reservation system even after restrictions were lifted. We are even seeing more pool complexes follow suit.

More than just private pools

When Onsen Hot Pools became a customer at the start of 2021, we tackled a new reservation challenge. How do we book multiple individuals in one private pool while simultaneously being able to add a spa treatment with an optional hourly shuttle service on top? Well, it was no easy feat, but we created the Hire Scheduler solution to manage just that. We have now onboarded several more private pool customers using the same technology, so the effort was certainly worth the result.

Membership keeps locals coming back

Membership is a popular add on with our spa and pools operators as they can offer their customers annual or multi-day passes to their establishment. With the current climate in New Zealand with COVID-19, the ability to appeal to locals and offer them on going memberships has been a success.IBIS are also looking to enhance our membership module to provide more online services to members, making it easier for customers to purchase and renew memberships, apply membership discounts to online purchases, and include a login function to our E-Commerce website to see member only functions.

Who uses IBIS to manage their Pools & Spa?

Our spa and pools customers are all ranked in the top pools and spas to visit in New Zealand! We take pride in finding solutions to make running their day-to-day businesses a breeze! Check out these amazing operators to find out more about how businesses work: If you are keen to talk to us about using IBIS for your pool, spa or attraction, reach out to us at sales@ibis.co.nz for more information.