Hotfix version 16.15.00

This update contains the following new features and bug fixes:

Point of sale

  • Improved! We decided it wasn’t very intuitive to ask users to process a $0 cash payment whenever a gift voucher is redeemed in full. Instead, we now prompt users to ‘Complete Sale’ when the balance of the transaction is $0.00 and there actually isn’t any payment to process. This is also a new system function you can add as a button to your Point of sale menu.

  • Improved! We’ve made some of the buttons on our prompts at Point of Sale larger so they are easier to use with a touchscreen.

Appointment scheduler

  • Improved! For Appointment scheduler clients, we have included a status called ‘off/annual leave‘ to the Scheduler setup screen so you can record why therapists are not available to be rostered. This status will be used for recording days off or annual leave and you can report on it in the Staff Allocation report found in IBIS Online under Reports > Scheduler.

  • New feature! For Appointment scheduler clients, you can now add an activity reservation to the customer from either the  Appointment screen or the Scheduler booking screen. When clicked, this will open the Departure screen where you can then add a booking to the existing customer.



  • New feature! Want to add a new reservation product to an existing customer? If you have repeat customers, Activity operators can now lookup the customer before starting the booking process. Find out more in our article making a reservation for an existing customer.
  • Fixed! We have resolved an issue where inactive countries were still displaying in the marketing popup prompt that appears after you save a reservation. If a country is made inactive, it will no longer appear in the list. If you edit a booking that contains marketing information that has been subsequently made inactive, you will be warned.

  • Fixed! For operators using the Packaging function under the Manage Tour screen, we have resolved an issue with the send email function. As part of the fix, we have also moved the ‘Email customer’ option to underneath the More link as shown below.

  • Fixed! We’ve resolved an issue in the Customer Tour screen where it was not pulling the expected date for a customer tour template if the products contained in the template started after 12pm.
  • Resolved an issue with the membership expiry date not being set
  • Fixed the default response on the Admission ticket popup question “Are your customers entering the venue?” to “Yes”