Plug-In and Amplify Your Data: The 3 Step Process that Delivers ROI

If you’re a part of the tourism or hospitality industry, you’re probably already familiar with the value that a tourism management platform like IBIS Technology brings to the game. With IBIS your e-commerce, reservations management, operations, point of sale, and accounts are centralised and recorded, so your entire staff have a single system of truth. If a customer enters their details or makes a booking, you know about it straight away.

However, what happens to that same data once your customer has registered interest or made a booking?

This is the goldmine that most Kiwi companies are completely unaware of and remains untapped.

The best part? It’s sitting there, accessible to you right now.

By integrating IBIS with your chosen CRM or marketing automation tool, you can leverage the value of your static data sitting in your IBIS software and transform it into repeat business – potentially generating an impressive return on investment.

“But how?”, we hear you asking.

Let us unpack the process for you.

The Three-Step Process

Collect Data (IBIS) > Integrate > Automate

Step One: Identify the assets you have in your IBIS system

A potential customer is looking for something to do in your business’ region, and they come across your website online. Your homepage looks great, your experience is something they’re interested in, so they take the leap of faith and make a booking.

Perfect! Your website worked a treat, you’ve made a sale, and IBIS has taken care of capturing their email address, personal details, and phone number so that you can refer to the booking when they arrive – job done, right?

For some businesses, yes.

However, if you’re looking to maximise the potential of your database and generate value on your investment, there’s an additional step you may have overlooked.

In terms of marketing, you’ve got vital data at your fingertips: a name, email address, and phone number.

Step Two: Plug in your data with an Integration Agent

Now that you’re aware that your data’s use doesn’t have to stop at your IBIS system, you’re perfectly poised to make the call to integrate.

This is the process of creating a live link between your incoming data, and your chosen marketing automation system or CRM. Think of an integration agent like an extension cord – once plugged in, your data is extremely valuable – pulling live data about your customers, analysing it and making informed strategic decisions.

All of your customer information will show up in your CRM as soon as a contact is created, ready to be marketed to.

Step Three: Automate and Generate ROI

Now that your data has been transferred from IBIS to your automation platform (chosen CRM or Marketing Automation software), the opportunities to utilise your data and create valuable leads are endless.

If you’re using a tourism booking system like IBIS, the data has always been there for the taking.

Whether you’re exporting the information into a spreadsheet and using it to send emails out manually, or creating lookalike audiences for social media targeting – it’s all there waiting to be utilised.

In most cases, once it’s set up, you don’t have to think about it twice.

The integration agent constantly pulls live data into your automation system, analysing it, and making informed strategic decisions on your behalf.

Here’s how that might look for your business:

  • Have a number of customers that enter their details and drop off at your cart, never quite making the purchase? An integration agent records this, sorts the data into a purposeful list, which you can then send an automated email to remind them to pop back in and hit the ‘buy’ button. Maybe include a special offer to close the deal.
  • Want to send a friendly reminder to a customer that their booking is coming up soon? Your integration agent will send the information to your marketing automation software, that will then fire off a reminder email on your behalf. You can use this strategy to offer popular add-ons and combo products.
  • If you’ve got a list of customer emails sitting in your system that you haven’t touched since the end of their booking, an integration agent can help pull value from the list.  It will send that list to your chosen software, from which you’ll be able to entice them to revisit or to give you a review on your prefered referral site.
  • Want to prompt your past visitors to recommend the activity to a friend? Send out an automated email with an attached ‘refer a friend’ discounted offer to your recorded client base and generate those extra leads.

It’s as easy as that. A set and forget methodology that analyses your IBIS data on your behalf and puts it to good use.

The winning formula
IBIS + Hype & Dexter = ROI

Here at Hype & Dexter, we’re experts in turning contacts into a marketing automation strategy that delivers results. Through our previous work with IBIS, we’ve achieved impressive results from integrating IBIS data with CRM and automation platform, Hubspot.

Currently using or considering IBIS and interested in finding out more about leveraging your data and creating brilliant, ROI generating marketing automation?

Get in touch with the Hype & Dexter team. We’ll talk you through it!

This guest blog written courtesy of Hype & Dexter.