Our Latest Updates, Features, and More!

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This quarter we have created a few new features and done some improvements to both online functionality and the IBIS application. 

Online Improvements

  • Improved report filters on online reports
  • Made it simpler to reconcile sales made through your E-Commerce site
  • Improved PDF export options for online reports
  • Added new Resource manifest report online
  • Added the sale date filter to more reservation reports
  • Improved pax counts across reservation reports
  • Added report groupings to the Stock sale report

IBIS Application Improvements

  • We've made it easier to search and view tour templates
  • Increased the voucher length field in the Booking screen
  • Added a copy resources function for Resource Planner users
  • Added a new display filter to the Resource Planner screen
  • Improved the usability of the Scheduler screen
  • Added a new filter to the Manage Costs screen
  • Zoff reports now sum payments by group
  • Generate alpha numeric gift voucher numbers
  • Sell a product online ONLY through your IBIS E-Commerce site

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