Activity Operator

Key Features

  • Fast, reliable and easy to use
  • Integrated Point of Sale
  • Manage timetable years in advance
  • Setup resellers and track commission
  • Real time availability across all devices
  • Easy to control user access
  • Optional real time online bookings
  • Agent specific pricing

Reservations & Operations Management

One system gives you all the tools you need to create, edit, search and manage all your reservations, product availability, and trip scheduling in one central database. Instantly print professional tickets, operational manifests and booking reports. Integrated contact and accounts management lets you find your agent information easily by storing commission rates, contact and billing details.

Robust reporting tools allow you to easily track sales, pax numbers and marketing information.

IBIS has flexible solutions for managing your departure availability. We work with many different types of tourism operators – from skydiving, bungy jumping and multi-day tour operators right through to transport and family attractions. Take a look at our demo!

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Real-time availability is updated across all systems as soon as a booking is saved.  Confirmed tick box shows when your minimum booking numbers are reached.

Status messages keep your front line team up to date on any changes in schedule. Charter bookings can be made anytime – perfect for managing a special request on-the-fly.



Your staff follow the prompts to capture all the information required to complete a reservation. When an agent or reseller is selected, pricing, commission and sale type update automatically.

Optional pickup field ensures your drivers or guides know where to collect your customers. Enter notes that the tour driver or guide may need to know, or to communicate information to the customer such as what to bring / wear.

Editing, rescheduling  and cancelling bookings is easy – all changes are stored in the booking history.

Bookings Screen


See at-a-glance your bookings for the day and the number of pax per departure.

Tabs organise reservations by their status.  Unpaid bookings can have payment processed straight from this screen to keep it fast. A check-in flag can also be utilised if your guests need to sign a waiver before the trip starts.

Search Screen

Manage Operations

Departure templates allow efficient handling of almost any timetable. You can easily manage space on multiple component products, e.g. a coach – cruise – fly combo.

Robust price management tools allow you to manage different wholesale rates and seasonal pricing changes with ease.

Service Calendar

The service calendar lets you apply departure templates in a flash. Set up availability years in advance instantly!


Our manifest reports show pickup / dropoff lists for a day or specific departures. Operational notes entered in the booking will displayed for the driver or guide to see. Pickup locations are sequenced in time order to make the job easy for the driver.

Operations Manifest


Extensive reporting tools in IBIS keep you on top of daily sales reconciliation to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Your marketing team will love analysing reservations sales by agent, country or extra info.

Reservation & Daily Sales Reports


Every IBIS user login is assigned a profile defining what screens they have access to. PIN prompts can be enabled to record the user who has made changes to a booking or processed a transaction through Point of Sale.

All changes are tracked in the booking history so you can see at a glance when an edit is made.

Reservation History


Add on Modules